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Your website was made to grow. Now you can do it for free. Drive new traffic, engage your audience, and increase conversions with a powerful suite of customizable, self-service marketing tools.

Install the free AddThis plugin to activate:

  • Share Buttons: Make it easy to spread your content around the web
  • Link Promotion: Increase conversions and turn visitors into customers
  • List Building: Generate leads and build your email subscriber list
  • Follow Buttons: Grow your social media following and online community
  • Related Posts: Recommend relevant content to boost visitor engagement

More than 15 million brands have used AddThis to grow their websites – join them!


  • Sign up for a free account on AddThis.com to get actionable analytics on how your content is performing. After your sign up, view your AddThis dashboard to discover:

  • Site pageviews

  • Follower counts
  • Top shared content
  • High converting content
  • Referring social networks

…and more


Need help? We strive to provide best-in-class support with a response time of about 2 hours. Our customer satisfaction rate of over 98%! Reach out to our team at https://www.addthis.com/support.


  • Share Buttons: Make it simple for visitors to share your content. Connect directly to 200+ social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and more. Now compatible with the AMP plugin!
  • Follow Buttons: Grow your fanbase on 65+ social networks, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.
  • Related Posts: Engage your visitors and recommend content from your site that’s not only popular, but also relevant.

Want more? Visit our website to learn how you can individually activate the AddThis Email List Building and Link Promotion Tools on your site.

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Installing AddThis directly to WordPress:

  1. Sign up for AddThis at: https://www.addthis.com/register

  2. Go to your Get the Code tab and copy the code that looks similar to:

  3. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, hover over Appearance => Editor and click on the footer.php template file

  4. Paste the AddThis code you just copied right above the closing tag

  5. Save the file changes

For an automatic installation through WordPress:

  1. In your WordPress admin sidebar, go to Plugins and then click on Add New

  2. Search for AddThis Website

  3. Click Install Now and activate the plugin

For a manual installation via FTP:

  1. Go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis-all and click on Download to download the AddThis zipped plugin files

  2. Unzip the plugin files 

  3. In FTP, upload the entire addthis-all plugin folder you’ve just unzipped to your /wp-content/plugins directory

  4. Go back to your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins in the sidebar, find the AddThis plugin you’ve just uploaded and click Activate

To upload the plugin through WordPress, instead of FTP:

  1. Go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis-all and click on Download to download the AddThis zipped plugin files (do not unzip this file)

  2. Go back to your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins and click on Add New => Upload Plugin

  3. Upload the zip plugin files you’ve just downloaded and click on Install Now

  4. Once WordPress is done uploading the files, just click on Activate Plugin

Vanlege spm.

Is AddThis free?

Yes, AddThis is free for all users!

Do I need to create an account?

Yes. This plugin requires an AddThis account. This plugin will walk you through creating an account on the plugin’s registration page. It requires an email address, but that’s it.

Is JavaScript required?

All AddThis website tools require javascript. JavaScript must be enabled. We load the actual interface via JavaScript at run-time, which allows us to upgrade the core functionality of the menu itself automatically everywhere whenever a new social sharing services comes out.

Why use AddThis?

  1. Ease of use. AddThis is easy to install, customize and localize. We’ve worked hard to make a suite of simple and beautiful website tools on the internet.
  2. Performance. The AddThis menu code is tiny and fast. We constantly optimize its behavior and design to make sharing a snap.
  3. Peace of mind. AddThis gathers the best services on the internet so you don’t have to, and backs them up with industrial strength analytics, code caching, active tech support and a thriving developer community.
  4. Flexibility. AddThis can be customized via an API, and served securely via SSL. Share just about anything, anywhere ­­ your way.
  5. Global reach. AddThis sends content to 200+ sharing services 60+ languages, to over 2 billion unique users in countries all over the world.
  6. GDPR compliant – All of our website tools are GDPR compliant.

What PHP version is required?

This plugin requires PHP 5.2.4 or greater and is tested on the following versions of PHP:

  • 5.2.4
  • 5.2.17
  • 5.3.29
  • 5.4.45
  • 5.5.38
  • 5.6.31
  • 7.0.22
  • 7.1.8
  • 7.4.8

Who else uses AddThis?

Over 15,000,000 sites have installed AddThis. With over 2 billion unique users, AddThis is helping share content all over the world, in more than sixty languages.

What services does AddThis support?

We currently support over 200 services, from email and blogging platforms to social networks and news aggregators, and we add new services every month. Want to know if your favorite service is supported? This list is accurate up to the minute: http://www.addthis.com/services.

Are there filters?

Yes! There are lots of filters in this plugin.

Filters allow developers to hook into this plugin’s functionality in upgrade-safe ways to define very specific behavior by writing their own PHP code snippets.

Developer documentation on our filters is available.

Are there widgets?

Yes! There are widgets for available for all AddThis inline tools (the ones that don’t float on the page).

Developer documentation on our widgets is also available.

Are there shortcodes?

Yes! There are lots of shortcodes in this plugin. There are shortcodes for available for all AddThis inline tools (the ones that don’t float on the page).

See our documentation on our shortcodes.


9. september 2022
Used this plugin across my websites for a few years now without a problem However lately I seem to have started having issues where I go to my websites to check on progress and notice that the "share" + "follow" bars from Addthis have gone AWOL. Go into "Plugins" on wordpress to find the thing has somehow uninstalled itself and no longer in the list of installed plugins. I reinstall it, and when I activate it brings up an error page saying "The plugin does not have a valid header.", sometimes it works by trying to activate it again through the installed plugins page.... on the most recent occasion the plugin went missing from the installed plugins again. Has support for lots of obscure social media websites I've never heard of, as well as the usual mainstream ones like Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / YouTube, etc Starting to lack support for a number of growing upstart social networks such as: - GETTR - Gab - Parler - MeWe - Rumble - Truth Social - Bitchute
4. desember 2020
великолепный плагин с множеством полезностей от соц кнопок, до доп. рекламы
13. mai 2020
Lo utilizo en varios portales web y me parece extraordinario lo recomiendo al 100%
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“WordPress Website Tools Plugin – AddThis” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Compatability test


  • Fixed a bug which caused unneccessary errors in log when in AMP mode


  • Fixed an incompability with AMP for WP plugin


  • Added AMP support for tools made in anonymous mode
  • Added configuration option to disable AMP support


  • Removed notices regarding AMP


  • Added compatibility detection with official AMP plugin


  • Fixed an incompatibility with PHP < 5.4


  • Added support for AMP in registered mode when used in conjunction with the official AMP plugin
  • Removed references for Google+


  • Fixed a bug where a script tag causes browser errors in certain circumstances


  • Fixed a bug where previewing a new post may remove tools


  • Removed Pro features and country dropdown menu for registration page


  • Updated yaml configs and added script tag to login page


  • Remove uninstallation hook


  • Added actviation/deactivation/uninstallation hook
  • Upadate readme.txt and screenshots


  • Updated error messaging that is no longer relevant regarding related post tools
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.9


  • Fix for PHP notice from AddThisPlugin.php on line 610
  • Changing the permission capability used for determining when users can edit AddThis settings from activate_plugins to manage_options. This will allow most admins on multi-site instances to edit settings. More information on WordPress roles and capabilities.


  • Fix for PHP notice from AddThisFeature.php line 652
  • Removing line breaks from HTML added to public pages
  • Not using addthis.layers() json on page when user is using their AddThis account as this creates buggy behavior
  • Disabling the wp_trim_excerpt by default as it’s the most likely to cause theme issues
  • Adding error message if browser can’t talk to addthis.com and communication with AddThis APIs are required for funtionality.
  • Compatibility updates for version 6.1.0 of Share Buttons by AddThis.
  • Adding requested AddThisWidgetByDomClass functionality that will allow users adding a widget via PHP to customze the URL, title, description and image used for that share. Please see the widget documentation for more infromation.



  • Redesigned the plugin’s widgets to work with AddThis’s support of multiple definitions of the same tool type. The class for the new widget is AddThisWidgetByDomClass. Widgets created through WordPress’s UI will automatically be migrated to use the new class. However, any hard coded use of the old widget classes will need to be updated before upgrading. Deleted widget classes: AddThisSharingButtonsSquareWidgets, AddThisSharingButtonsOriginalWidget, AddThisSharingButtonsCustomWidget, AddThisSharingButtonsJumboWidget, AddThisSharingButtonsResponsiveWidget, AddThisFollowButtonsHorizontalWidget, AddThisFollowButtonsVerticalWidget, AddThisFollowButtonsCustomWidget, AddThisRecommendedContentHorizontalWidget, AddThisRecommendedContentVerticalWidget. Developer documentation on the new widget is available.
  • Fix for PHP Warning on AddThisFollowButtonsToolParent.php line 127
  • Doing profile ID validation directly in the browser rather than proxying through a WordPress backend AJAX call. This will make this plugin work in environments where the WordPress server can’t talk to AddThis.com.



  • Fix for JavaScript error in admin area: Cannot read property «locale» of undefined
  • Fix for PHP notices on AddThisTool.php on line 439 and AddThisPlugin.php on line 501 for special templates
  • Bug fix for WordPress 3.5 and older (shortcode_exists is not defined)
  • Speed improvements for all pages (x2 on the widget configuration page).


  • New «AddThis Script» widget and addthis_script shortcode for troubleshooting around extra-pesky themes that aren’t creating their headers or footers in the standard WordPress ways. If AddThis tools aren’t showing up because the addthis_widget.js script isn’t being included on your page, you can use this widget in a widget area, or add the shortcode onto any post or page.


  • Eliminating various PHP Warnings and Notices


  • Improved browser back/forward naviagtion support
  • Added an incompatibility warning for users who had the Share Buttons by AddThis plugin installed in WordPress mode
  • First steps in internationalizing the plugin (with partial translation into Polish)


  • Adds enabled AddThis sharing buttons onto the top and bottoms of post and page. At AddThis.com you can enable these buttons above and below posts, pages, and excerpts on the homepage, category pages and archives
  • Adds horizontal recommeneded content tool below posts (when enabled on addthis.com)
  • Adds short codes for use inside posts for all inline tools. See documentation.
  • Includes widgets for all inline tools (register with a Pro account to see widgets for Pro tools). See documentation.
  • Adds AddThis JavaScript onto your site with options for adding it asyncronously or syncronosly, as well as in the header or footer
  • Walks existing AddThis users through logging into their AddThis account and picking a site profile to register their plugin without leaving WordPress. Once registered, AddThis is able to start collecting Analystics on your visitors social use of your site. No more copying in Profile IDs!
  • Shares advanced options and registration (profile id) with the Share Buttons by AddThis plugin (if installed).
  • Include multiple ways of adding AddThis tools onto excerpts, and let’s you turn them on and off so that you can tune this for how your theme accesses filters
  • Many filters available for developers to hook into the plugin for advanced setups. See documentation.