AM LottiePlayer – Vektoranimasjonar for WordPress


The most complete free Lottie Player yet.

AM LottiePlayer is easy to use, lightweight, and gives you total control over how to implement crisp, vectorized animations to your website. Easily set up user interactions, choose between JSON or the optimized dotLottie format, choose whether to serve the files from a CDN or your own Media Library, choose how to scale the animation, add a nice description for screen readers and search eninge crawlers, and you’re off to the races!

Last opp Lottieanimasjoner til WordPress og legg dei til med Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor, Flatsome UX eller gjennom kortkoden [am-lottieplayer]. Utvidinga tilbyr også delvis støtte for WPBakery (tidlegare Visual Studio).


  • Inneheld to Gutenbergblokker: ein spelar og ei omslagsblokk med tekstoverlag – ypparleg for headere.
  • Inneheld ein Divibyggermodul
  • Inneheld ein Elementor Widget
  • Inneheld kortkoden [am-lottieplayer]
  • Har integrasjon for Flatsome UX
  • Har delvis støtte for WPBakery (tidlegare Visual Studio)
  • Skript blir berre lasta inn på sider der spelaren er brukt
  • Last opp Lottie JSON eller dotLottiefiler til ditt mediebibliotek
  • Dra & slepp ei Lottie JSON eller ei dotLottiefil
  • Sett inn ein Lottie JSON eller dotLottieanimasjon frå lenke.
  • Choose scaling, speed, size, background color, interactions and more from the block settings in Gutenberg. The same settings are accessible in the Divi Module menu, the Elementor Widget menu, the Flatsome UX Builder menu, and WPBakery menu.



AM LottiePlayer is also available in a professional version, which includes more functionality and flexibility. The AM LottiePlayer PRO features are:

  • Combine animations in a single file via drag and drop
  • Control interactions and behaviour of each animation in multi-animation files
  • Convert JSON-lotties to dotLottie in an easy-to use GUI
  • Choose renderer: SVG, Canvas or HTML
  • More of the functionality from animations made with After Effects

Upgrade to AM LottiePlayer PRO


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  • AM LottiePlayer fungerer med Gutenberg…
  • …så vel som Divi-byggjar…
  • …Elementor…
  • …og til og med Flatsome!


Denne utvidinga gjev 2 blokker.

  • AM LottieCover Add a Lottie animation with a text overlay — great for headers.
  • AM LottiePlayer Play Lottie animations on your WordPress website.


Automatisk installasjon

Automatisk installasjon er det enklaste alternativet. WordPress tek seg av filoverføringa, og du treng ikkje lukka nettlesaren.

  1. Logg inn på WordPress-kontrollpanelet ditt
  2. Naviger til Småprogram-menyen
  3. Søk etter AM LottiePlayer
  4. Klikk på Innstaller nå, så vil WordPress ta det herfra
  5. Aktiver småprogram via skjermbildet Småprogram i WordPress

Manuell installasjon

  1. Last opp heile «am-lottieplayer»-mappa til spåprogrammappa di
  2. Aktiver småprogram via skjermbildet Småprogram i WordPress

Etter å ha aktivert

  1. Gå til WordPress sin blokkredigerar / Elementor / Divibyggjaren / Flatsome UX-byggjar
  2. Legg til ny blokk / widget / modul
  3. Søk etter Lottie
  4. Klikk på Lottie for å leggja til blokk

Om du ønskjer å bruka kortkoden [am-lottieplayer], har den dei følgjande parametrane:

  • src: string (required)
  • autoplay: true | false, default: false
  • controls: true | false, default: false
  • loop: true | false, default: false
  • objectfit: cover | contain | none, default: contain
  • speed: number (1 – 5), default: 1
  • direction: 1 | -1, default: 1
  • onclick: true | false, default: false
  • onmouseover: true | false, default: false
  • onmouseout: void | stop | pause | reverse, default: void

Vanlege spm.

Kva er strukturen til kortoden?

Kortkoden [am-lottieplayer] har dei følgjande parametrane:

  • src: string (required)
  • autoplay: true | false, default: false
  • controls: true | false, default: false
  • loop: true | false, default: false
  • objectfit: cover | contain | none, default: contain
  • speed: number (1 – 5), default: 1
  • direction: 1 | -1, default: 1
  • onclick: true | false, default: false
  • onmouseover: true | false, default: false
  • onmouseout: void | stop | pause | reverse, default: void

Her er eit eksempel: [am-lottieplayer src="" controls="true" ]


11. november 2023
As I am using animated JSON files from a third party (not Lottie) I was searching a long time for a solution how to use them.This plugin gave the solution to me.Works fantastic with DIVI and the support is great.!
6. februar 2023
Great plugin and good support. Will be using this on several sites. Keep up the development! 🙂
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Bidragsytarar og utviklarar

“AM LottiePlayer – Vektoranimasjonar for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“AM LottiePlayer – Vektoranimasjonar for WordPress” er omsett til 4 språk. Takk til omsetjarane for bidraga deira.

Omset “AM LottiePlayer – Vektoranimasjonar for WordPress” til ditt eige språk.

Interested in development?

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3.1.1 – March 31 2024

  • Minor updates to animation engine

3.1.0 – March 20 2024

  • Functional update to animation engine

3.0.7 – March 6 2024

  • Minor updates to animation engine

3.0.6 – Feb 12 2024

  • Minor updates to animation engine

3.0.5 – Jan 15 2024

  • Performance: More accurate use of Intersection Observer, to freeze/pause all animations out of view

3.0.4 – Dec 31 2023

  • Updated, optimized animation engine

3.0.3 – Dec 29 2023

  • Bugfix: Rollback of animation engine due to faulty script

3.0.2 – Dec 29 2023

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug that caused animation lag in some browsers

3.0.1 – Dec 20 2023

  • Added defer to loading of component scripts

3.0.0 – Dec 8 2023

  • Because we’ve launched a PRO version of this plugin some features, like boomerang, animation segments, external selector and the option to choose renderer has been removed from the free tier. Certain methods from animations made with After Effects (like loopOut) has also been omitted. The upside is that this plugin is now even more lightweight and less RAM intensive than before. To anyone who still might experiences this as a downgrade: you’re free to continue to use any version of this plugin below 3.0.0. However, if you’d like to support the development of this plugin, the premium version starts at $2.75 a month ($33 a year), and contains several requested features like the ability to combine and control multiple animations in a single file, or convert and optimize JSON to dotLottie. Read more about AM LottiePlayer PRO here!

2.5.17 – Nov 23 2023

  • Bugfix: Fixed compability issue with PHP 7.4

2.5.16 – Nov 15 2023

  • Bugfix: Fixed loading issue for third party builders

2.5.15 – Nov 11 2023

  • Compability with WordPress 6.4

2.5.14 – Sep 22 2023

  • Bugfix: Fixed playback error on Divi Shortcode


  • Bugfix: Fixed total frames display


  • Optimization: Terser script, as well as new functionality available within JS.


  • Bugfix: Fixed seeker on player


  • Bugfix: Fixed uninitialized PHP variable


  • Bugfix: Fixed seeker


  • New Feature: Better error handling
  • Bugfix: Fixed link for Divi builder


  • Minor bugfixes


  • New Feature: Added support for Divi Theme Builder


  • New Feature: Added option to play animation only once on scroll


  • Bugfix: Play on scoll functionality wasn’t working properly in certain browsers.


  • Minor bugfix.


  • Bugfix: Added polyfill for Buffer, allowing bitmap assets for dotLottie animations.


  • New Feature: Added play on scroll functionality


  • New Feature: Expanded possibility to play segments to Divi Builder


  • New Feature: Added possibility to play segments, in Gutenberg editor
  • Compability: Checked compability with new release of WordPress


  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with shortcode and namings


  • New Feature: Added support for selectors to Elementor, Flatsome, WPBakery and Divi


  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with Boomerang


  • New Feature: Added selector option for interactions
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue in Gutenberg where the player lost connection on block move


  • Bugfix: Issue prevented Gutenberg backend from working properly


  • Optimization: Preparatioins for future functionality expansion


  • New Feature: Adding preview of animations in Media Library


  • Optimization: Minor patches


  • New Feature: Added partial support for WPBakery


  • Bugfix: Minor errors in shortcode
  • Optimization: More options for screen readers


  • Optimization: Bugfix in frontend script


  • Optimization: Minor patches


  • New Feature: Added support for Flatsome UX Builder


  • Bugfix: An error caused shortcode not to load necessary scripts.


  • Optimization: WCAG compliance


  • Optimization: Less weight – same functionality!


  • New Feature: Added support for Elementor.
  • Optimization: Made scripts load dynamically only when used
  • Bugfix: Minor bugfixes


  • Optimization: Updates to animation engine. Faster and even more lightweight!


  • Bugfix: typo in dotLottie decompression, causing base64 encryption of bitmap images to break.