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Bonway Static Block Editor


The Bonway Statick Block Editor (BSBE for short) is a simple, lightweight editor for static content that can be used all throughout your website; Be it a generic greeting/exit paragraph for a news-item, or content for your footer.


14. mai 2019
It is a good substitute for the old «Static Block» that no longer supports the new version of Wordpress. A plugin that helps a lot for those who use a lot of «CTA» in several pages of the site. Congratulations to the developer, it helped me a lot!
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“Bonway Static Block Editor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Update: Added a new option if the layout of the content should be in a column or row direction
  • Update: Added a new option that shows the block’s name as a title if checked


  • Fix: Removed the «required» star from the «Block Class» field
  • Update: Generated HTML now includes an «id»
  • Update: Meta box is now on the side-column for easier access
  • Update: Added the «copy shortcode» function to the edit-page


  • Update: Made any remaining custom styling only applicable to plugin-specific elements


  • Feature: Copying a shortcode now displays a popup for four seconds
  • Update: Removed any custom styling, as it was unnecessary and caused more harm than good


  • Bugfix: Adjusted position of «general» box, so that it can no longer overlap with the default «publish» box
  • Bugfix: If a block is called, but does not exist, the plugin no longer renders the most recently rendered content


  • Bugfix: Fixed a styling bug that hid the «Add link» popup


  • Bugfix: Fixed click-to-copy; it now works as intended.


  • Minor styling improvements to the admin area
  • Updated logos
  • New functionality: Click-to-clipboard for the shortcodes


  • Custom admin-area styling


  • Simple plugin. No custom styling