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Buddypress Notifications Manager


BuddyPress Notifications Manager is a plugin for BuddyPress plugin to manage the notifications system of buddypress for all users.

With Buddypress Notifications manager, the administrator can manage all the notifications settings of Buddypress ( and also the new notifications added by other plugins).

The administrator can enable/disable access to notifications page for all users.
He can also apply or/no the current settings on the old registred members.
In this case, an update will be processed for all members, this operation can take few second depending the number of users.

When the plugin is enabled, the notifications settings are applied to the new members indivisibly.



Download and upload the plugin to your plugins folder.Then Activate the plugin.

Go to [ Buddypress => Notifications Manager ] menu and change the notifications settings.

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Where to find support?

Please post on the BuddyPress Follow Me support forum at
The forums on are rarely checked.


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“Buddypress Notifications Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




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