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Consolety – SEO plugin for Traffic, Authority & Backlinks

Dette innstikket er ikkje testa med dei tre siste utgåvene av WordPress. Det kan henda det ikkje blir vedlikehalde lenger, og kan ha problem med nyare versjonar av WordPress.

Consolety – SEO plugin for Traffic, Authority & Backlinks


Consolety – SEO Tool for Traffic, Authority & Backlinks

Consolety – SEO Tool for Traffic, Authority & Backlinks. This plugin is part of consolety.net project.
Plugin let users exchange with backlinks between their sites, connect their social medias and much more.

Consolety is a network where you receive authority backlinks on auto-pilot from other users in the network.

We display these backlinks in a nice form on your website as a «related content» section similar to what most WordPress website themes currently already have implemented.

So in short : What is Consolety?
Consolety is a link exchange plugin for WordPress. Forget about Guest Posting, Consolety will be replacing all of your spendings on Guest Posts, and the time you need to spend in outsourcing content, marketers or even if you try to acquire new links by yourself, you won’t have to do that anymore with Consolety.

Why use Consolety?

With consolety you can keep doing what you do best, Create content! If it’s writing, blogging, taking photographs, tutorials, it doesn’t matter! If there is someone else on the Network who does something similar, we will match you automatically!

Meaning that all of the extra efforts you have done in the past, you won’t need to do anymore with consolety. You don’t need to guest post, email other web admins for a backlink or spend money outsourcing this to an online marketer who would do it for you.

With consolety you focus on your work, add content, we will fetch your content and match you with the others in the network who do something similar.
Our matching algorithm is unique, and has one of the most sophisticated servers in taking your content while matching it with others. If there is no match, don’t worry, as the network grows there will be new sites with posts added to consolety, help us grow the network and share our unique approach in link building concept on social media!

How it Works?

Consolety works by taking the data from your submitted site and match it with others in the network. Our technical algorithm bases a match on tags, categories & content. This means that you will always receive relative backlinks that have the same reputation.

White Hat SEO

When you sign up your website we check with many metrics if your site is clean.
We analyze the content with copyscape, we read through several posts to detect spinned content, we analyze your backlinks with majestic, ahrefs & moz for spam.

Once your site is approved we fetch your sites posts, tags & categories and match these with others in consolety’s network. When there is a match found there will be a “related content” section placed on both posts. (Which means you have a link partner).

  • Warning, we analyse your account thoroughly before approving it as a white hat website, the white has section is the hardest part to be approved in, if we detect any form of black hat SEO techniques on your submitted white hat profile we permanently ban your account without approving it, we have separated sections for black hat SEO sites, we appreciate only sincere and honest members, and have a zero tolerance policy on dishonest applicants.

Black Hat SEO

Do we exclude sites with Black Hat SEO?
The answer is, no. We have a separate network for black hat seo. In fact, we have many black hat SEO sections.

Since not all Black Hat SEO are penalized as harsh as others we have seperated the Black Hat Network in several sections.

Minimal Black Hat SEO :
Sites who have only participated in web2.0’s creation and small link-wheel strategies are welcome to place their site in this section

Churn & Burn SEO :
Sites who really want to push their site to the limits till it gets burned, are welcome to increase their Churn & Burn methods by combining sites with others in this network section to maximize their Churn & Burn SEO effects.

Spun Content :
Websites that have rip and spin content, or use Auto-blogs to automate this process are welcome to place their sites here.

Private Blog Network :
If you have a private blog network and want to further increase your network by sharing links with other PBN clients on consolety, feel free to use this option. Private Blog Networks will be kept private and we will not share domain information with anyone in the network. This also means that we will not track clicks/views or display from what source it came from.

  • Private Blog Networks should be a clean PBN, if we can analyse your PBN with Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs or Copyscape and find out that there has been other (Black hat) methods performed on these sites we will permanently ban your account.


  • Plugin overview
  • Change style of block
  • How to disable post export


This section describes how to install the Consolety plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Plugin Name screen to configure the plugin

How to Configure the Consolety WordPress Plugin

  1. Register an account at https://my.consolety.net/register/
  2. Add your site name, site url and select the network (white hat/black hat/PBN)
  3. Add your sites categories and click the add site button

Validating Website
In order to communicate with your website and the consolety network we need to validate your website

  1. Copy the API key from https://my.consolety.net/sites
  2. Add the API key inside the plugin in wordpress (the consolety wp plugin)
  3. Click save button inside consolety wp plugin after you have added the key

«Site should be validated after this, IF you get an error message stating that we can not find the consolety plugin installed on your website, please check your input in «Add your site url» section if there is a mismatch in domain name, or if you website is redirecting to https please use https:// instead of http://»

Pending Approval
We manually approve every website before you links are being exchanged with your website and the consolety network pool.
We ensure that all of our clients sites are in the right section so that there will never be links exchanged with other consolety networks (Black hat / White hat / PBN network)

Therefore it might take some time before you site is getting approved, in future we will automate this process with premium API keys of Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, Moz & Copyscape to instantly screen your website for approval.

Vanlege spm.

Is link exchange dangerous for my website?

YES, If you build links just for the sake of building links, it can harm your website. Because building links that are not relevant can actually have a negative impact on your site. Usually what happens with link exchange is that people email other webmasters and ask for a link, this link will be placed somewhere in the footer, or a page which nobody visits (what good does this bring to your site?) well, not much.
And it’s a horrible hassle to email other webmasters, where some of them never check their emails because they are targeted with spam offers regularly, others are not interested, or some even don’t know how to add the links to their own site.

With consolety you only need to install the plugin on to you WordPress website, validate your website and get a manual approval from one of our admins. (That’s it, after that it is a set and forget application!)

Is Consolety better than Guest Posting?

YES, 100% it is better than guest posting! Guest Posting is forcing you to write content for the other website, and in return they write something about your website. But writing content «just for the backlink» is less fun then actually providing your own readers with valuable quality articles to read! (I think Matt Cutts has a tear in his eye right now).

Consolety then picks up your valuable quality content and matches it with other users in the network who have written a valuable piece of information on the same topic! When there is match… You both now have a related content section under your post.

Another thing to add is that Guest posts have contextual links! Meaning that a word is a link within the article. But how does the person that reads your post know what’s on the other side of the hyperlink? If you write something about dogs, and the word dogs is a link. When the user clicks on that link he might find out that it was not what he was hoping to stumble upon! meaning? he clicks the back button in matter of seconds.
Ouch!! this has now affected your website! because that click back to the original post form your website is called a bounce!

With Consolety the chance for that to happen is very slim! Why?

Because we display the «related content» section nicely styled under your blog post with a Title, short excerpt and a «view details» button to the other users blog post. Meaining that;

Consolety improves your audience’s experience!

There is no surprise what’s on the other end of the click-through button, since the user knows exactly where it is going to be directed… To the related content.

Just defining these few benefits of using Consolety over Guest posting is more than enough for me, while we haven’t even gone through the horrible process of finding someone to guest post with!


2. februar 2023
I am having PHP errors while installation and whitescreen for once. Tried via FTP and it worked. But seems like my site’s current plugin conflicts with this one. It tends to be a revolutionary plugin, but couldn’t manage to use it on my site sarpo.net
29. juli 2022
Installed it and WordPress detected errors from the plugin. Also, can’t get registered for API Key. So this plugin should be removed from here. Clearly isn’t been supported since the last update was almost a year ago. Too bad though, I think the concept is a great idea.
11. april 2022
Seems like a revolutionary plugin but i am not able to either register or get api key. Can you please verify it for my site adevi.com.np
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“Consolety – SEO plugin for Traffic, Authority & Backlinks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Release Date – 17 September 2021

  • Critical fix: fixing page breakage with backlink block
  • Fix: the backlink refresh endpoint is working correctly


Release Date – 07 September 2021

  • Fix: error message during export
  • Added: debug information for the console on export


Release Date – 07 September 2021

  • Added: ability to delete all exported posts
  • Added: ability to don’t use sync (post’s updates will be ignored)
  • Added: the ability to select the types of posts that should be exported and synchronized.
  • Added: the ability to select all categories of posts that should be exported and synchronized.
  • Added: the ability to see the number of posts that were skipped during export (no categories related to post, incorrect data).
  • Added: the ability to export single post
  • Added: Alert window if categories or post types not selected
  • Added: Settings will be automatically saved before export
  • Added: Save settings notifications
  • Added: Status «Blocked»
  • Posts export for «Blocked» sites is disabled
  • Added: Remote plugin version control
  • Changed: Post type is now exported with post data
  • Changed: New control system for updating backlinks
  • Changed: Installation flag was renamed
  • Fixed: failed to update backlinks for display


Release Date – 18 April 2021

  • Added: The ability to control how many characters should be displayed for backlink content on your site
  • Added: The ability to see exported posts to my.consolety.net
  • Added: News. We can now display important messages to our users using our plugin.
  • Fixed: Navigation will remain in the same section after page refresh / form submission
  • Changed: We only accept HTTPS websites


Release Date – 12 March 2021

  • IMPORTANT It is necessary to reactivate the plugin after updating from version 2.x
  • Added: Ability to exclude posts from my.consolety.net indexing and export
  • Changed: «Uncategorized» posts in categories cannot be exported
  • Changed: By default, the date for exporting a post is set to the date of the first post on the site -1 day
  • Fixed: design & descriptions


Release Date – 08 March 2021

  • IMPORTANT at the moment the exchange of links is disabled pending the replenishment of the database with a large number of posts for a better match.
  • The system has been reset, posts must be exported again, account and site data is not affected.
  • The post comparison system has been greatly improved.
  • Reworked the scheme for adding links to the site, now the plugin does not exert any load when loading pages.
  • Reworked site activation scheme. You no longer need to go back to my.consolety.net and manually check plugin activation – just add the secret key and save it.
  • Reworked: appearance and content of the plugin.
  • Fixed all warnings about code shortcomings in DEBUG mode.
  • Added a system for styling the link block.
  • Added system for monitoring the relevance of these posts from the selected categories, there is a full synchronization with my.consolety.net of all actions with posts: adding, changing, deleting.
  • Added the ability to see site data in the my.consolety.net system. In the future, the ability to control the system through the plugin will be expanded.
  • Added: Outdated or inaccessible links will be removed after 3 days.
  • The content marketing system has been temporarily removed.
  • The ability to remove all your own or someone else’s links has been temporarily removed.