Dette innstikket er ikkje testa med dei tre siste utgåvene av WordPress. Det kan henda det ikkje blir vedlikehalde lenger, og kan ha problem med nyare versjonar av WordPress.

Skildring is a content recommendation platform that helps site owners generate more time-on-site and monetize their content easily and unobtrusively. serves billions of impressions across thousands of sites every month. The WordPress plugin is the quickest and easiest way to get up and running on your site.

Key Features

Simple Setup – Our 3-step guided installation gets you creating your first widget in minutes.

Flexible Styling – Our widget creation wizard makes customizing the look and feel of the widget simple and straightforward.

Performance Driven – Our state-of-the-art algorithms learn what content is most popular with your users, lowering bounce rates and increasing overall site revenue. Also, since optimization takes place on servers and the widget is loaded asynchronously, the plugin doesn’t slow down your site.

Powerful Options – Free enterprise-level features let you control how the widget integrates into your site and what kind of content appears in it, all without leaving your WordPress admin.

Rich Reporting – Use our robust reporting and graphing options to see exactly how well your widgets perform down to the hour.

Personalized Support – Our US-based support staff is available to help you properly set up and optimize to meet your needs.

To learn more about, visit our publisher FAQ or visit our website.


  • Easy signup and integration without leaving your WordPress blog.

  • Multiple styling and configuration options to fit any site.

  • Placement settings – Create multiple widgets and show them in different places throughout your site.

  • Advanced analytics shows you how the widget is performing.



  • PHP 5.2.4 or higher.
  • WordPress v3.0.x or higher.
  • Multisite is not currently supported.
  • You must register with The account is 100% free.

Install Via Plugin Repository

  1. Log into WordPress admin for your site
  2. Go to «Plugins -> Add New» and choose «Search»
  3. Search for and click «Install Now»
  4. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu
  5. Go to «Settings ->» and click «Register your plugin»
  6. Enjoy!

Vanlege spm.

How quickly does it start working?

The Widget will start to work immediately; however, part of the optimization process involves learning which of your content performs the best. A certain number of impressions must be served before the widget is able to fully optimize and display the most effective content.

Does work on web sites in any language?

Currently, the tool will only work properly on English language websites.

Will the widget slow down my site?

No. The widget is designed to load «asynchronously». This means your page will load independently of the widget script.

I have sponsored content on my site with clicks but don’t see any revenue.

Revenue is based on actions not clicks. Sponsored content served through the system won’t generate revenue unless the user performs a particular action on the advertisers site (ex. Signs up for a service or purchases something). When this happens the payout is generally much better than what you expect to see from a pay-per-click advertisement. This means that you might need to let the widget run for a while to start seeing revenue.

I’ve configured my widget to display sponsored content but don’t see them in the widget. only displays sponsored content on approved domains. This means new sites could take 24 to 48 hours before sponsored content starts getting served. Once your site has been reviewed you will be notified.

How do I control ad placement?

On the plugin widget settings page, hover over a widget name and you will an option for «placement». Selecting this option will open a placement configuration page. Options include, showing the widget above your content, below your content, in a WordPress widget (sidebar, footer etc.) and only showing it on certain types of pages like the homepage, category page or post pages.

Can I display content in a sidebar or footer?

Yes. Set the placement for a widget to «widget». In your WordPress widget settings drag the widget into your sidebar or footer area.

Does the plugin work with Multisite?

Not at this time. Let Us Know if Multisite support is important to you.


11. desember 2018 1 reply
Why an advertising company would deny any publishing source is beyond me, but as I can’t experiment with this plugin, I have to rate one star. There are better affiliate services out there.
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Bidragsytarar og utviklarar

“” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added call type to widget request to improve reporting


  • Fixed JS error by replacing deprecated .live() with .on()
  • Fixed active/paused bug


  • Fixed login bug for Chrome


  • Updated for WordPress 5.0
  • Resolved conflict with plugins that append noticies containing h1 or h2 tags to the plugin


  • Updated for WordPress 4.9.8
  • Updated Settings WordPress Key button text to clarify which API key you should use


  • Updated for WordPress 4.9.4


  • Updated for WordPress 4.9
  • Added notification link to review our plugin
  • Bug Fixes
    • Updated «Departure Page» widget placement label to «Exit Pop»
    • Removed «Installation Instructions» button since all widgets can be placed with the plugin
    • Fixed «Last Edited» date display bug in Firefox and IE
    • Fixed Widget List button style conflict bug


  • Bug Fixes
    • Modal close button is now displayed on non-mobile devices less than 768px high
    • Replaced hard coded path to plugin folder with WP hook


  • Bug Fix: WordPress notifications will no longer cause the logo to appear multiple times on the Widget List page


  • Added support for popup widgets
  • Added ability to use multiple template tags
  • Added shortcode to allow placement inside a post or page
  • Fixed conflict with other plugins to make sure modal is centered in the browser


  • New widget code to improve reliability and security.


  • You can now add new WordPress Tags using « > Widgets > Placement > Exclude widget from tags»
  • Updated placement labels to include «widget» for clarity


  • Added Loading Indicator (Spinner)
  • Made thickbox responsive
  • Code clean-up


  • Bug fixes
    • Updated old links
    • Fixed settings breakpoints
    • Standardized variable names
    • Fixed bug where Excluded Tags would not save


  • Added Widget delete confirmation dialog box
  • Changed Active/Paused Widget icons to plain text labels


  • Updated Widget Installation Instructions
  • Clarified Popup or Mobile Slideup instructions (especially near placement options)


  • Updated WordPress Key label in Settings page
  • Added margin to iframe close icon


  • Updated logo & colors


  • Updated for WordPress 4.4
  • Removed extraneous <p> tags that wrapped JS files
  • Moved JS to WordPress footer


  • Updated for WordPress 4.3
  • Fixed issues with the widget options:
    • Missing buttons on plugin Widgets page
    • Widget Placement settings bug


  • Fixed: Plugin activation bug for new installations


  • Updated for WordPress 4.1 compatibility
  • Updated descriptions, documentation, plugin image, etc.
  • Utilizing latest widget call URL (widget.js -> widget.aspx)


  • Updated for WordPress 4.0


  • Updated for WordPress 3.9


  • Fixed CSS for WP 3.8.1
  • Update misc. URL links & dates


  • Fixed issues with the widget options:
    • Option to add/remove from Home and Category pages
    • Widget Placement settings bug
  • Fixed modal resizing


  • Added the ability to display ads using do_action(«contentad») within a theme file.
  • Update misc. links and formatting


  • Fixed issue where the featured image wasn’t being displayed in widgets if set.


  • Added support for pausing and activating widgets.
  • Added different units in different WordPress widgets.
  • Added options for showing on home and category pages.
  • Added cron job to remove deleted widgets from the page.


  • Moved banner to correct directory to enable it to display on


  • Added banner image for


  • Fixed version number (was 1.0.0 dev instead of 1.0.0).


  • First release