Custom Accordion Block


This is Gutenberg compitable plugin which will add Custom Accordion Block to your site. This Accordion block will allow you to design your accordion by providing custom CSS settings.
This block is very easy to use. It will allow you to add N number of accordion to your site. Add or Remove accorion button will help you to add accordion or remove accordion.


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Custom Accordion
Accordion Block


1) Activated the plugin.
2) Add \»Custom Accordion\» block.
3) Add / Remove Custom Accordion as per your use.

Vanlege spm.

1) What is the use of the plugin?
-> This plugin will add Accordion block to your site.


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Release Date – 10 MAY 2020

  • Added new design attribut to block
  • Editor panel design improved


Release Date – 11 NOV 2019

  • Fixed filetime issue and removed warning
  • File path correction
  • Some css property default value