Dette programtillegget vart stengt ned 9. juli 2024, og kan ikkje lastast ned. Programtillegget er stengt ned mellombels inntil me får sett på det.


31. desember 2020
Cleaned as supposed to Thanks!
27. august 2020 3 replies
I’ve used this plugin for years, even when it was outdated. Still, its time has come. It generates too many errors now. It spits out 2 errors on nearly every page load: Deprecated: update_option was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 5.5.0! The «comment_whitelist» option key has been renamed to «comment_previously_approved». And another deprecated warning about contextual_help, which the plugin author mentioned would be updated, but is yet to be updated. I recently had to turn off the Disable Posts feature because it was preventing other features from working. So sadly, too many issues to workaround now.
25. august 2020 1 reply
Screw up my website, I mean totally.
22. mars 2020
simple and essential tool that should be in every website by default
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