Dette programtillegget vart stengt ned 4. juni 2024, og kan ikkje lastast ned. Programtillegget er stengt ned mellombels inntil me får sett på det.


9. juni 2020
Works well but sends 2 Critical errors in site health. I think it’s because plugin has not been updated 1 year ago.
11. oktober 2019 2 replies
This plugin is simple, but very effective. Did a wee bit of custom coding to add some additional functionality for my use-case, but this will work amazingly out of the box for most peoples needs!
3. september 2016
Sehr gut umgesetzt , was mir gefallen würde, wenn man so ne art check in boxen vor einem Post abhacken muss/kann. damit man bei Posting vom Beitrag nicht eigne vorgaben zum Beitrag vergisst.
8. februar 2017
Works great and helps my users remember what they have and have not done. Great job……………
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