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Fullscreen for WP Super Edit


Fullscreen 1.1 for WP Super Edit is a plugin for WP Super Edit. By using it, you can enlarge your TinyMCE editor to fit the full screen of the browser, and toggle between those two views.


  • Toggle to fullscreen
  • Toggle to normal mode


  1. install WP Super Edit (prerequisite)
    1. download Fullscreen 1.1 for WP Super Edit, unzip it, and upload the whole «fullcreen» directory to «wp-content/plugins/superedit/tinymce_plugins» directory of your Web site.
    2. Go to the WordPress administration panel, under the «Plugins», there is a «WP Super Edit», click it! Then click «Configure Editor Plugins». Finally, check «Full Screen», and click «Update Options».
    3. In «Arrange Editor Buttons», decide which place to put the «Full Screen» button. (By default, it is disabled, you should enable by yourself)
    4. remember to use «Ctrl+F5» to clean the cache before using it the first time. Enjoy!

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