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16. oktober 2018 3 replies
I installed this today, then went to configure it. The settings appeared momentarily, before the page refreshed and the only options I was left with was a save settings button. The plugin appears to be broken. I tried de-activating/re-activating, and un-installing/re-installing. No joy. I am using the current Genesis Framework (2.6.1) and Child Theme (2.6.0).
24. mars 2018 1 reply
Sadly, had to disable this plugin, as it loaded jquery multiple times and completely broke my site’s mobile menu. 🙁
9. februar 2018
This plugin use to work, now it’s buggy had to move to a new plugin.
23. juni 2017 1 reply
I am baffled out of two reasons 1) The name «Responsive Slider» when this slider is clearly not responsive as it drops the excerpt box on small screens. 2) The fact that an incomplete feature like this is being used in a paid child theme to the Genesis theme I am now working to maintain the box when the screen is resized. The Excerpt needs to be re-centered and optimized. This should have been done by the guys who built this in order to deserve the title «responsive» slider.
17. januar 2017
I was looking for a slider for my Genesis child theme and this one did my job.
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