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integrate automate


Integrate Automate will easily Integrate your WordPress Platform and Most Common WordPress Plugin with Zapier, IFTTT, LeadsBridge, API Fuse,, Microsoft Flow. WP Integrate Automate, supports WordPress post, page, comment, User and Custom database table events it also supports Most common WordPress Plugins like, WooCommerce, Contact form 7, Formidable Form Builder, WPForms, Ninja Forms. All the Default WordPress Events Integration are Free forever.


  1. Unlimited integrations: Create as many integrations as you want and collect all the data you need with as many fields you want.

  2. Privacy and Security: Very Secure and well written and Test code.

  3. Drop Down & Select: Build the integrations of your dream with its fully featured Drop Down & Select options.

  4. No restrictions on Event fields : There is No restrictions on Event fields, you can pass your won data in body or request header.

  5. Detail Log : This Plugin keeps all the logs so every action and Bug is visible. Nothing will go unnoticed.

«Professional version of WP Integrate Automate is also the Best plugin for Intreating WooCommerce. It supports Almost all data source of WooCommerce. You can easily sync WooCommerce event Data to anywhere. You can use the Professional version for 14 days as a Trial.»


  1. WooCommerce [PRO]: This plugin syncs wooCommerce new order, wooCommerce Orders status Change, wooCommerce new Product and Product information update data to google sheet.

  2. wordPress Meta data [PRO] : In this plugins Professional version, you can able to integrate WordPress Metadata as an event data source! Wow

  3. Contact form 7: This plugin can sync Contact form 7 form submission data to google sheet.

  4. Gravity Forms [PRO] : This plugin sync gravity forms form submission data to google sheet.

  5. ACF- Advanced Custom Fields [PRO]: Spreadsheet integration supports ACF data fields.

  6. ninja form [PRO]: Spreadsheet Integration supports ninja forms form submission data to google sheet.

  7. Formidable [PRO]: Spreadsheet Integration supports Formidable forms form submission data to google sheet.

  8. WPform [PRO]: Sync WP form submission data to google sheet.

  9. weForms [PRO]: This plugin also syncs weForm form submission data to google sheet.

  10. Custom Post Type UI [PRO]: This plugin Plugin Supports Custom Post Type UI as Event source.

  11. Gravity Forms [PRO]: This plugin Plugin Supports Gravity Forms.

Thanks: Heartiest Gratitude to all of my users who inspired me and suggest me and compliment me in many ways, you guys are Awesome. Without yours support and love it was impossible to maintain this huge codebase. Please accept my sincere thanks.


  • Overall plugin view.
  • Integration list.
  • Create new integration.
  • Edit integration.


Modern Way:

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard «Add New Plugin» section.
  2. Search For «Spreadsheet Integration «.
  3. Install, then Activate it.
  4. Follow the step-by-step documentation on settings page

Old Way:

  1. Upload Spreadsheet Integration to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  3. Follow the step-by-step documentation on settings page

Vanlege spm.

What WordPress Plugins it supports for Integration with API Glue

This Plugin supports all default WordPress events. Paid Version Supports WooCommerce, Contact form 7, WP forms, Formidable forms, Ninja form,
Gravity form and Also supports Custom database tables.

What API Glue platforms Does This Plugin Support for Integration

This Plugin Supports all the API Glue platforms that Supports Webhook, Most common Platform are Zapier, IFTTT, LeadsBridge, API Fuse,, Microsoft Flow.


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1.0.1 ( 02 Mar, 2022 )

  • freemius SDK changed.

1.0.0 ( 14 Mar, 2021 )

Initial release of the WP Integrate Automate.