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iWR Tooltip


iWR tooltip plugin lets you add tooltips to your post or page or in your template file via a shortcode
[iwrtooltip title=»this will show in a tooltip»]hover over me to see tooltip[/iwrtooltip] or via a HTML Tag
<a class=»normalTip» title=»this will show in a tooltip» href=»#»>hover over me to see tooltip</a>


Download the plugin. Navigate to «Plugins -> Add New» and click on Upload link.

Use the uploader to upload the plugin zip file and click on «Install Now» button.

After plugin is uploaded. Click on «Activate Now» link to fully install the plugin.


3. september 2016
I was looking for a plugin exactly like this and what do you know, it hasn’t been updated for two years but works just as wonderfully. Does what it says and is definitely compatible still.
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