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JC Recaptcha


The Add new recaptcha google plugin allows you to implement a super security REcaptcha form into web forms. It protects your website from spam by means of math logic, easily understood by human beings.
This captcha can be used for login, registration, comments forms.

This plugin is based on the recapcha of google, for receive more information can visit the website:



  • JC REcaptcha Settings page.
  • Clave Google jc Recaptcha
  • JC REcaptcha Settings page paste clave.
  • Result comment jc Recaptcha
  • Result login jc Recaptcha
  • Result register jc Recaptcha
  • Result ninja form jc Recaptcha
  • Add fields ninja form
  • Result Contact form 7 jc Recaptcha


  1. Upload the jc-recaptcha folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin via the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  3. Plugin settings are located in «RECAPTCHA settings».


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