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Menu Section Titles


Add the ability to create menu items that aren’t a link. Useful in scenarios like a large footer menu where you want to have sections with links underneath the section titles.

GitHub Repo


  • Example configuration screen
  • Example footer menu with titles that you can achieve


  1. Upload menu-section-titles to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  3. Add a menu link with the appropriate hashes (e.g. for an <h1> set the link o #(h1))

Vanlege spm.

What elements can I tell it to use?

Anything! It is dynamic and anything you put inside the parenthesis #() will become the element.


  • h1 => #(h1)
  • h2 => #(h2)
  • span => #(span)
  • div => #(div)
  • p => #(p)
  • strong => #(strong)


3. september 2016
Does just what it says. Nice tool to have at your disposal when you need it!
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  • Made plugin more dynamic so you can add any element to your menu


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