Dette innstikket er ikkje testa med dei tre siste utgåvene av WordPress. Det kan henda det ikkje blir vedlikehalde lenger, og kan ha problem med nyare versjonar av WordPress.

MU Plugins Tool


When you activate MU Plugins Tool, a folder named «mu-plugins» is created, if necessary, in your WordPress installation (default «WordPress_Root/wp-content/mu-plugins») and a starter mu-plugin is created. The starter mu-plugin changes the admin footer text once you’ve enabled it through MU Plugins Tool. For more information, see the Codex Must-Use Plugins page.

Future Features – no promises 😉

  • create, edit & delete MU-plugins with MU Plugins Tool;
  • upload MU-plugins from your computer;
  • view a MU-plugin’s code by hovering over the name;
  • change the MU Plugins Tool menu location, e.g., under «Plugins» or «Settings»;
  • recreate the starter plugin at will


I would like to thank David Gwyer, the developer of Plugin Options Starter Kit (POSK). It’s an awesome tool for learning the ins and outs of designing an options page for your plugin. MU Plugins Tool would’ve been much harder to make without POSK as a learning tool.


  1. Upload mu-plugins-tool folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress


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