My Custom Taxonomy


The Plugin will help you easy to add Custom Taxonomy to your Post, Custom Post Type.
You just input the post_type and The Name of Taxonomy,
You should tick to hierarchical option: will become Category or become Tag);

If you want to update, remove the existing taxonomy just go to page MCT_All, this page will be used to manage your added custom taxonomy

Ordered list:
– Existing Custom Post Type Slug: the slug name from post_type, which is the one you want to add custom taxonomy
– New Taxonomy Name: the name of Custom Taxonomy, which you want to add. will be display on the admin menu
– New Taxonomy Slug: add the slug of the custom taxonomy, which you want to add



  1. Activate the plugin through the \»Plugins\» menu in WordPress.

Vanlege spm.

How I Add custom taxonomy to existing post_type?

Go to My Custom Taxonomy, fill in the require information then save it.

How to I update my custom taxonomy ?

Go to the page MCT_All, update it

How to I delete my custom taxonomy ?

Go to the page MCT_All, delete it


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