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Address Autofill – The Plugin helps the customers to auto-fill their address ===.

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Address Autofill – The Plugin helps the customers to auto-fill their address ===.


One of the major reasons of increased churn rate i.e. a customer filling his cart with selected merchandise from your website but abandoning it before placing his order, is the long and tedious process of address filling. Pataa Navigations has the perfect solution for this problem, the Pataa Address Fill API.
Our addressing app Pataa converts a long and complex address into a unique short code like JAIN53,KUMAR100 and simplifies complex addressing systems by sharing precise geo-tagged location, user recommended routes, user recorded voice directions and more, thus making last mile navigation easy. Now instead of long address details, the customer simply enters the Pataa code (^KUMAR100) in the
address section and you can navigate straight to it without any hassle.

Benefits of Address Fill API

  • The biggest benefit that you can derive from the ^pataa Address fill API is reduced churn which means you can retain your customers because you’re making their shopping experience worth it! Happycustomers tend to remain loyal and there are lesser chances of them abandoning their shopping half-
    way through.
  • Secondly, you as a merchant don’t have to depend on anyone for customers; ^pataa address fill API will fetch you direct customers. The number of returns also reduces drastically because you reach the exact location at the right time. The chances of COD rejections decrease because you are delivering to a
    verified address.
  • With ^pataa address fill, you can look forward to building a better brand image in the mind of your customer, so that next time he decides to shop for a product, it’s your company’s name that pops in his
    head! If you’re looking forward to building better brand positioning, increasing your customer base and revenue, it’s time to take the leap and avail the benefits of the ^pataa address fill API.


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  • Activate.
  • Use.

Vanlege spm.

Q: What is the benefit of Integrating pataa autofill address API?
R: Integrating pataa API will help your customer save time, by allowing them to auto-fill their address, instead of manually entering the details.

Q: Why should I Integrate pataa Address Autofill API into my checkout page?
R: Using our API, you can start accepting Pataa codes from customers and pass them to your courier or delivery partners to make the delivery easy. Click here to find out more about API Integration process.

Q: How can I enable and disable Pataa Address Autofill App?
R: Use wordpress setting to enable or disable pataa

Q: How does pataa convert a long & unstructured address to an accurate geo tagged location?
R: Pataa allows you to pin your exact geo location and create an alpha numeric code for your address. You have to simply select a 3×3 meter block at the entrance of your doorstep on the digital map to mark the exact address location. Also, you can record voice directions, upload photos of your property, pin your nearest landmark, give additional instructions and more.

Q: Does Pataa API provide Navigation?
R: Yes, Pataa captures the exact geo location of the customer’s address & then can suggest the most optimum route to the customer’s doorstep. It also allows the delivery partner to hear voice directions, check the nearby landmarks and see images of the property.

Q: What other details can a merchant get from Address Auto-fill API other than address fields?
R: Along with the exact address, merchants can get details such as photos of the location, voice directions, landmark details and additional information regarding the user’s address.

Q: How does Pataa work for building addresses of more than one floor?
R: Pataa address API works just like a street address. The customer will be able to add the floor and flat or office information along with the location of the building.

Q: Will the Plugin take customers away from our checkout page?
R: No, the plugin won’t take your customers away from the checkout page. The plugin simply adds a field on the existing page, into which they can type their Pataa Code.

Q: How do we educate our customers about the benefits of Pataa?
R: We have a lot of resources and branding material available to help you educate your customers and encourage them to use Pataa. Kindly get in touch with us to know more.


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