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Popup Maker – BuddyPress Integration


This free plugin add some directly integrated functionality between Popup Maker & BuddyPress.

Popup Maker & BuddyPress are required to activate the following features.

= BuddyPress Targeting Conditions

  • Is a BuddyPress Page
  • Is User Page
  • Is Group Page
  • Is User Messages Page
  • Is Activation Page
  • Is Register Page
  • Is Item Admin
  • Is Item Mod
  • Is Directory
  • Is Current Component: Option to choose which components to test for.
  • Is Current Action: Option to enter which components to test for.
  • Is Action Variable: Option to enter which components to test for.

Of course you can always use the (!) button to check for the opposite or inverse of any condition, or use the AND / OR grouping for complex targeting.

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