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REST API Meta Support


Automatically stores the meta data from the meta field of a wordpress REST API posts (/wp-json/wp/v2/posts) or pages (/wp-json/wp/v2/pages) POST in the meta data associated with the created page or post using update_post_meta. The key / value information sent in the REST POST «meta» object field is stored as both «key» and «_key» to support different plugin formats.
For example, if trying to set the YOAST SEO Plugin values dynamically when creating a page from the REST API, you would simply add the fields to the meta field of the REST POST data when you POST the endpoint, and the plugin values will be added to the page:

  'meta': {
    'yoast_wpseo_title': "Title set from REST call"
    'yoast_wpseo_metadesc': "Meta description set from REST call"

Use this plugin when dynamically creating pages with the WordPress REST API to support modifying plugin settings for pages/posts created using the REST API!

A guide on how to use this plugin to generate a page/post with plugins configured from the REST API is available at Pericror.

Inspired as a broader alternative to wp-api-yoast-meta.

Compatible with the wordpress rest api version 2.


13. juni 2020
This plugin was developed and used to generate pages with a review plugin configured programatically using the rest API per page and works as described.
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