File Manager, Code Editor, and Backup by Managefy


Managefy Plugin for wordpress, allow you to access folders, download files, upload files, create folders, sub folders. Also Managefy allows to backup your files and database, and restore them as well.

Use your mouse (or touch) to drag and drop your files. Create, rename, delete or reorder your folders If you want to select a image from the “Select a image”-dialog (e. g. featured image) you can filter when inserting media. Just install this plugin and it works fine with all your image and media files. It also supports multisite.

Managefy is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily manage your media library in your blog. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to organize the thousands of images, audio, video, and PDF files in your media library in folders. Basically, it’s like WordPress categories for your media library.

Why do you need this plugin? Well, having a growing WordPress blog means that you’ll be adding a lot of new media files, like images, audio, and PDF, into your database every day. In a few weeks, your blog will be filled with thousands of media files. How are you going to find one of those files at a later time?

Of course, you can use the WordPress search function and spend a couple of hours finding a file, but who can even remember the names of thousands of files and what happens then?

That’s where the Managefy plugin comes in. With this plugin, you can easily create gallery folders for your images and normal folders for other media files to properly organize your media library. So that next time whenever you need to find a file, it’s only a mouse-click away.

Organizing your blog media files with Managefy plugin is as easy as dragging and dropping the files into folders. Then you can rearrange the order of your files by dragging them around to bring the important files to the top of the list for quicker access.

The Tree View of your folders will also make things easier for you to quickly find specific folders in a split-second.

Managefy is a must-have WordPress plugin that will help save you a ton of time that goes into managing your media files.


  • Drag and Drop File Management.
  • Create Folders and sub folders.
  • Files / Folder Sharing.
  • Searching and Sorting Option.
  • User Access and User Group Access Control.
  • Front-end Access.
  • Multiple Themes.
  • Image Viewer and Editor.
  • Windows like UI.
  • Tons of customizations.
  • Office and PDF Document Viewer.
  • Image thumbnails.
  • Zip and Unzip Files / Folders.
  • File Chunking Support (Upload Files larger than upload_max_size).
  • Icons and List View.
  • File Path Hider.
  • Use it like you do it in your desktop.
  • Supports all kind of file operations.
  • You don’t need to setup FTP to manage your files online.
  • Share any kind of document, media, archive file with your users.
  • Works with any standard hosting.
  • No coding only configuration
  • Set permissions for your user and user role.
  • Supports Image editing (crop, rotate, resize).
  • Create Archives (Zip, Tar, BZip, GZip).
  • Text File Editing.
  • Icons / List Views.
  • WordPress 5.x / Gutenberg ready
  • Folders for the WordPress media library
  • Full control for your folders in one toolbar (create, rename, delete)
  • Rearrange folders via drag&drop or by criterium (e. g. name ascending)
  • Bulk select folders and delete multiple folders at once
  • Filter in insert media dialog
  • Improved Uploader
  • Upload files directly to a folder
  • Create dynamic gallery from folder with Gutenberg block or shortcode
  • Order folder content via drag&drop or by criterium (date, name, …)
  • Fast navigatation to folders with fast folder search
  • Translated into multiple languages
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider, WPML, PolyLang and so on
  • Works great on touch devices
  • Supports multisite
  • Forever free updates
  • GPDR / DSGVO: The plugin is collecting no personal data!
  • Modifying existing folders & files ( cut / copy / paste / rename / delete) compress (zip )
  • Uploading files to any folder
  • Reading folder or file details ( owner , group ,size and permissions)
  • keyboard navigation
  • filtering content
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Unsaved changes notification
  • Over 4 themes
  • Handles huge documents (four million lines seems to be the limit!)
  • Code folding
  • Operations – Various operations with files and folders on a remote server (copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, edit, delete, etc.)
  • Move/Copy – Admin can Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop. Also includes multi file selection.
  • Archives – Admin can create, archive and extract files(zip, rar, tar, gzip).
  • File Size – Admin/User can upload any size files.
  • File Type – Control what files can be uploaded and what file can be downloaded.
  • Code Editor – File Manager comes with a built in integrated development environment (IDE) – New Feature
  • Get Info – All file details, properties, information is now available by simply right clicking a file and selecting Get Info – New Feature
  • Root Directory- Quickly and easily edit your root path directory. With this feature you can access files inside and outside of WordPress
  • PDF Support – Preview PDF files easily
  • File View – Icon and list view both available for easy navigation
  • Preview Support – Easily preview common file types including media (video, audio, mp3, thumbnails, etc)
  • Search – Search functionality is built directly into File Manager making it simple to find your files.
  • Responsive UI – File Manager works on tablet and mobile devices
  • File Preview – preview for common MIMEs and file types
  • Directory Size – Calculate directory size
  • Icon View – List and Icons view available for files and files
  • Functions Toolbar – Rich context menu and file manager functions toolbar
  • Thumbnails – Thumbnails for all types of image files
  • Backup/Restore – Backup and restore themes files, plugins files,uploads folder and db data on server.
  • User Operations – Upload, Download and Delete operations
  • Video and Audio – Video and audio preview/play
  • File Search – Support file search and sort
  • High Performance – High performance server backend
  • Local File System – Uses local file system no need of database
  • Multi Selection – Multiple file/folder selection
  • Auto resize – Auto resize on file upload.
  • UTF-8 – UTF-8 Normalizer of file-name and file-path etc.
  • Folder upload – Folder upload (supports on google chrome/Chromium)
  • Chunked file upload – Chunked file upload
  • Responsive – Works on tablet and phone


This plugin is developed with the security first issue in head.

User Role Permission

Supports permission for user roles. Supports both custom and built in user roles.


  • File manager panel
  • Database info page
  • Backup page
  • User roles page


There are 2 ways to install. Please follow the steps below:

Via backend of WordPress

  1. After your download, log into backend of your WordPress
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click the Upload link
  4. Click Browse and locate the file that you downloaded and click Install Now
  5. After WordPress has finished unpacking the file click on Activate Plugin
  6. After the plugin has been activated you will notice a new menu item on the left hand navigation labelled Softdiscover DB File Manager


  1. After your download unzip Softdiscover DB File Manager from your download .zip
  2. Open your FTP client
  3. Upload the Softdiscover DB File Manager folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your hosting server
  4. Activate the Softdiscover DB File Manager plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  5. Configure the plugin by going to the Softdiscover DB File Manager menu that appears in your admin menu

Vanlege spm.

How this plugin works?

  1. Click on the Managefy sidebar menu > choose file manager, then you can manage your files
  2. Click on the Managefy sidebar menu > choose Backup, then you can manage your backups
  3. Click on the Managefy sidebar menu > choose Database, then you can see your database information
  4. Click on the Managefy sidebar menu > choose Settings, then you can manage the User Roles


13. juni 2024
I want to thank softdiscover infinitely for the generosity of making such a spectacular plugin, all in one, that this plugin with this scope of development, «is free», is something that leaves you speechless…Thank you very much for your support and willingness to solve small details that needed to be fixed. I will recommend and activate this plugin on as many clients as I can. You deserve that this plugin has millions of downloads and popularity, I hope it is achieved in time, at least I will contribute my grain of sand with this. Keep it up ! 🙂
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  • support wp v5.3.2


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