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Conversational Chatbot for Lead Generation and Feedback Collection

Dette innstikket er ikkje testa med dei tre siste utgåvene av WordPress. Det kan henda det ikkje blir vedlikehalde lenger, og kan ha problem med nyare versjonar av WordPress.

Conversational Chatbot for Lead Generation and Feedback Collection


SurveySparrow’s conversational chatbot lets you collect website feedback, generate leads, and gather user-contact information.
SurveySparrow allows you to integrate surveys on your website. In this manner, you can gather feedback from your website visitors, collect contact information, and even capture leads. You can customize the chatbot right from its design to the triggering options it offers. The chatbot can be auto-triggered, user-invoked, or inline-embedded on any section of your website.
With this simple plugin and your WordPress stats, you will have a more detailed insight into your website.

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What Features do we offer you?

  1. Conversational UI: SurveySparrow offers a conversational experience that’s a refreshing change from the routine survey experience!
  2. Embedded Survey Options: In addition to having an inline survey embedded to any part of your webpage, you can also opt for user-invoked or auto-triggered pop-up surveys.
  3. Question Types and Conditional Logic branching: A broad spectrum of question types like multiple choice, rating scale, matrix type, rank order, etc., are available to help you extract opinions which are spot-on. Besides, the Logic Branching feature helps you to ask what’s relevant to your respondents based on their previous answers. Ask smart to get smart answers.
  4. Easy-to-use: SurveySparrow’s simple, you needn’t hunt through help articles to figure things out. The platform is simple to use. But, in case you do face a hiccup, expert assistance is just a chat away.

Where all can you use SurveySparrow?

You can use SurveySparrow’s conversational chatbot to collect data in the following ways.

Website feedback

Find out if your website offers a seamless user experience by gathering feedback from your website visitors. Put this feedback into great use and make your website more dynamic than ever!
Here’s a website feedback survey template to get you started in case you are pondering about how to draft one that brings you excellent responses.

Lead Generation

Capturing leads might not have been this efficient. With SurveySparrow, you can be sure not to miss out on even a single lead. Embed the lead generation form in your website and get info efficiently. Engage with your prospects quickly and convert them into customers. Get ready to grab more leads with SurveySparrow’s free lead generation form!

Contact Form

Are you missing out valuable contact info from your website visitors? Then it’s time to embed a visually-striking contact form on your website. Any day, people readily associate filling details up under the ‘skippable’ category. But, with Surveysparrow, you can easily change this idea. A lively and engaging contact form is sure to have you flooded with all the information you need from your users.

Conversational Bot

Our conversational bot, or Feedbot as we fondly call it, is your virtual assistant to help you throughout to gather valuable feedback and insights from your website visitors. The survey experience you get with Feedbot is just like a person interaction with another person. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised seeing the growing responses from your website visitors. Be sure to check out our conversational bot.

What makes us different?

Simply put, we want surveys to become conversations rather than a mundane data-dilling experience. Our dual-UI offers both conversational forms and chat-like surveys to make your feedback collection effective.

Create Your Chatbot in 10 Minutes

Yes, this video will help you create a chatbot in 10 minutes. Make use of all the finest features SurveySparrow has to offer to build conversational chatbots that bring you valuable feedback and data.

Auto-triggered Surveys are the way to go about if you wish to automate the survey experience. These surveys gently pop-up and ask the visitor for feedback. You can configure the survey to pop-up after the visitor scrolls to a specific portion of the page or after a certain time-period!



Manual installation : Copy the folder «surveysparrow-wp-plugin» into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder. Then go to the Plugins section and activate.
Marketplace installation: Search for «SurveySparrow Plguin» in the WordPress Plugin Marketplace by going to Plugins > Add New.


[surveysparrow token=»tt-42rs» account=»demo.surveysparrow.com» survey=»website-feedback» version=»v3″]


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