Dette programtillegget vart stengt ned 9. januar 2023, og kan ikkje lastast ned. Programtillegget er stengt ned mellombels inntil me får sett på det.


9. oktober 2019
This plugin needs updating on line 158 in order to get it to work. replace $themes = get_themes() with $themes = wp_get_themes(); And you're good to go. I find it odd that the menu item has been stuffed under the Appearance sub-menu, but as you're likely to uninstall this once you have tested your site it's not a big issue. Also it runs some very basic checks for code errors and bad urls. I wouldn't recommend using only this to check your theme files.
3. september 2016
Easy to use, but very helpful I'm using it on every new project as a freelance theme developer ! 🙂
3. september 2016
Works perfectly. Thanks for creating and sharing this usefull tool.
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