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URL Freezer


URL Freezer checks your website’s URLs, notifies you if a link has gone offline (404) and
redirect your link to a snapshot of the original link content.

URL Freezer features include:

  • Check your website links.
  • Take a snapshot.
  • Notify you for offline link.
  • Automatically activate snapshot.

This plugin integrates with the external service at,
once activated you need to configure your URL Freezer’s User ID that you
can find in the installation page

This plugin will install the URL Freezer script in all your pages, every time a user will
load one of the page of your site, the URL Freezer script will collect all the outgoing links in the
page, and send them to to check if the links are still online,
if any of the links is offline URL Freezer will provide a link to a snapshot of the original
link and the script will automatically replace the link in the page with the link to
the snapshot.

In the specific each time a page is load the script will send to URL Freezer

  • The URL Freezer User ID
  • The url of the page loaded
  • The outgoing links found in the current page

For outgoing links is meant all the links that go to a different domain than the one of the page that has the links


Upload the URL Freezer plugin to your blog, activate it.

Get the URL Freezer’s User Id from using your account.

Configure your URL Freezer’s User ID and enable it.

You’re ready to go!


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Release Date – 24 November 2021

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