Webhook Configuration CF7


First of all install Contact Form 7 (CF7) plugin and yes it is the most usable plugin by 1+ million wordpress websites.

You can send data to any endpoint webhook url!

Discalimer: This plugin has been made without any encouragement of cf7 developers or webhook/API service.

How to perform

Just activate the CF7 plugin and webhook configuration plugin then you are ready to webhook any URL to send data.

In the configuration part there are another options like special tags and headers to send over the given URL. The options describes that the hidden tags and special tags can be send over the URL also as per your requirement.

There is one more option available in the configuration area(Data Skip to Webhook) for the skipping tags, where the cf7 form tags can be skipped for the integration process, which means if the developer doesn’t wish to send entire data of cf7 form and want to send some specific data then the skipping tag will help on that.


Install first Contact Form 7 plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/) and activate it.

Now install Configuration CF7 plugin or else you can also upload though directory(«wp-content/plugins»).

After activating the plugin you can see the option of Webhook Configuration tab in relevant form that you wish to configure.


Automatic updates generally works smoothly but it is strictly recommanded to users to take backup before the updation.

Requires Plugins



Vanlege spm.

Does it work for all webhook??

Yes it is useful for any webhook and it doesn’t have any kind of dependacy for any platform.

In which format will I recieve the data?

You can receive the data in JSON format.

How can the file field work to get any attachment on webhook?

You can get the url of the attachment over the webhook side.

Can I skip any cf7 tags for the webhook side?

yes, you can skip the cf7 tags that you do not wish to send over the URL with Data skip to webhook.

Does it conflict any other webhook plugin used with CF7??

No, It won’t conflict with any other webhook plugin used for CF7.

Can we send multiple webhook at one time?

Yes we can send multiple webhook in the field as the discription has been given over the field.

Will I be able to receive mail as regular or will it conflict??

No there will be no problem on receiving mail.


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