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Welcome Announcement


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Bidragsytarar og utviklarar

“Welcome Announcement” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



v1.0.5 Corrected a bug with the add_theme_page call

v1.0.4 Added the following:
1. Corrected an addressing bug, thanks to Luis from
2. Opted for the wa prefix instead of welcome_

v1.0.3 Added the following:
1. All scripts loaded using wp_enqueue_scripts and via the hooks wp_print_scripts // admin_print_scripts
2. All stylesheets loaded using wp_enqueue_style and via the hooks wp_print_styles // admin_print_styles
3. Correct noConflict mode to ensure smooth running in presence of other js libraries

v1.0.2: Added the following:
1. Ready for internationalization. Loaded with a pot file and a french translation
2. Array of options
3. Restore Default Options Button
4. Dynamic loading of embarqued librairies like jQuery
5. Improved default values