Product Size Charts Plugin for WooCommerce


Struggling with high return rates due to sizing issues in your WooCommerce store? Meet the Advanced Product Size Charts Plugin for WooCommerce – your reliable solution for size-related returns.

Help your customers find their perfect fit on the first try. This plugin lets you easily create and display comprehensive size charts, making shopping smooth and ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

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  • Intuitive Chart Builder: Effortlessly create size charts with pre-defined templates or customize your own.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure consistent user experience across all devices for your size charts.
  • Assign Multiple Charts: Attach different charts to varied products or categories as needed.
  • Conditional Assigning: Use conditions to assign charts based on product, category, or attribute.
  • Easy Import/Export: Transfer your size charts between WooCommerce sites with simplicity.
  • Customizable Chart Display: Decide the position of the chart link on the product page.
  • Popup and Tab Views: Offer size charts in a popup or a product tab for user convenience.
  • User-friendly Interface: Navigate and manage size charts with ease, thanks to a straightforward backend.


  1. Online Clothing Retailers: Help your shoppers avoid the common «Will it fit?» dilemma, reducing returns.
  2. Sports Equipment Stores: Guide customers to the right equipment dimensions for their height and build.
  3. Custom Shoe Outlets: Offer detailed foot size charts to ensure the comfort and fit of bespoke footwear.
  4. Children’s Apparel Shops: Keep up with growing sizes with easy-to-update charts for parents.
  5. Home Decor E-commerce: Provide dimensions for products like rugs and curtains for space fitment.
  6. Fitness Gear Sellers: Suggest the appropriate gear sizes based on customer body measurements.
  7. Craft and Hobby Stores: Offer size information for items like knitting needles or frame dimensions.
  8. Specialty Shops (like costumes or uniforms): Ensure customers select the right size for unique items with precise charts.

⭐ REVIEWS (5-star by 100+ users)

  • «Revolutionized the shopping experience for my customers – fewer returns, and more satisfaction!»
  • «The flexibility to create and customize charts saved my business hours of customer service time.»
  • «The perfect addition to my WooCommerce store – it’s user-friendly and incredibly effective.»
  • «This plugin handled all of my complex sizing requirements with ease.»
  • «Excellent support from the Dotstore team – quick and helpful responses.”


We at Dotstore know e-commerce challenges firsthand. Our Advanced Product Size Charts Plugin is designed with the insights and feedback from actual WooCommerce store owners.

We focus on practicality and functionality, ensuring your store runs smoothly and your customers shop with confidence.

  • User-Centric Design: Made to provide a seamless experience for both you and your store visitors.
  • Continuous Updates: We constantly improve our plugin, keeping you ahead of e-commerce trends.
  • In-Depth Documentation: Get started with ease, thanks to clear instructions and guidance.

Our dedication to quality and exceptional customer service makes our WooCommerce plugins stand out in the industry. With Dotstore, you’re not just getting a plugin; you’re gaining a partner committed to your e-commerce success.

📣 PREMIUM: Product Size Charts Plugin – Try the Pro Version Today!


  • Minimalistic
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Default


  • Women’s shoe size chart
  • Men’s shoe size chart
  • kids shoe size chart
  • Men’s T-Shirt size chart
  • Men’s Polo size chart
  • Men’s Shirts size chart
  • Men’s full sleeve shirt size chart
  • Men’s Waistcoats size chart
  • Men’s Jeans & Trousers size chart
  • Women T-shirt / Tops size chart
  • Women Jeans And Jeggings size chart
  • Adults women Skirt size chart
  • Women dress and jumpsuit size chart
  • Women coat and Blazers size chart
  • Women jackets and waistcoats size chart


Upgrade the premium plugin version to get all the advanced features.

  • All features of Free plugin
  • Pro – Set custom size label, select button position
  • Pro – Customize colors and style for size chart
  • Pro – Choose the size chart position of the popup button.
  • Pro – Set the popup button – Before the summary
  • Pro – Set the popup button – After/ Before add-to-cart
  • Pro – Set the popup button – After product meta.
  • Pro – Set colors, style, opening effects, position and layout for your popup
  • Pro – Add Custom CSS option
  • Pro – Easily Customize size chart layouts like table head font color, table row color, table head background color for your size charts
  • Pro – Choose the size chart popup position from “Center”, “Left”, or “Right”
  • Pro – Add an effective hover effect in the table cell
  • Pro – Choose chart table font size from “Small”, “Medium”, etc

📣 PREMIUM: Product size charts Plugin — Try the Pro Version Today!

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  • Download the plugin
  • Upload the folder «woo-advanced-product-size-chart» to wp-content/plugins (or upload a zip through the WordPress admin)
  • Activate and enjoy!

Vanlege spm.

What range of WordPress versions is compatible with this plugin?

The WooCommerce Advanced Product Size Charts plugin can be used with WordPress versions from 4.0 to 6.5.*, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of WordPress installations.

Which versions of WooCommerce does this plugin support?

Our plugin has been designed for seamless integration with WooCommerce version 4.1 and onwards.

Does the plugin come with pre-designed size chart templates?

Yes, we offer a variety of product size chart templates. These can be quickly and easily assigned to products and categories directly from your dashboard.

Is it possible to duplicate and modify an existing size chart?

Absolutely! You can duplicate any ready-made size chart provided and then customize the measurements to suit your specific product needs.

How flexible is the size chart when adding new data?

Flexibility is key. You are free to add as many rows and columns as you require to your product size chart, ensuring comprehensive sizing information for your customers.

Can the size charts be tailored for specific products or categories?

Yes, customization is at your fingertips. Tailor size charts for individual categories or products, or across multiple categories and products to fit your shop’s assortment.

Is it possible to apply a size chart to a whole category?

Certainly. Assign a size chart to a single item, multiple items, or an entire category with just a few clicks.

Can I choose how to display the size chart on my product pages?

Yes, you can. Present your size charts within an Additional Tab or a Modal Pop-Up—whichever suits your shop’s style and customer’s needs.

What should I do before updating the plugin?

While automatic updates typically run smoothly, we always recommend creating a backup of your website before proceeding with any updates to ensure your site’s safety.

Can I display multiple size charts on a single product page?

Yes, if a product falls into multiple categories with different size charts, you can set up the plugin to display each relevant chart appropriately on the product page.

Are there options for importing or exporting size charts?

Currently, our plugin focuses on in-dashboard creation and assignment of size charts. Import/export features could be considered for future updates.

Is the plugin mobile-responsive?

Indeed, size charts created with our plugin are fully responsive, ensuring that customers have a perfect viewing experience on any device.

Does this plugin have multi-language support?

The WooCommerce Advanced Product Size Charts plugin is ready for translation, which means you can create size charts in the language of your choice to cater to a global audience.

Upgrade Notice

Automatic updates should work great for you. As always, though, we recommend backing up your site prior to making any updates just to be sure nothing goes wrong.


24. april 2024 1 reply
Pop-up size charts on button was firstly in the free version of plugin. But after we implemented it on 90% of our store greedy developers decided to put this function behind a paywall. Now tens of hours of our work creating pop up size charts are gone and they are trying to extor us into buying pro version with this shady business tactics. I will rather buy pro version from your competitors now.
25. april 2023
I’v been using this plugin for 4 years and I have no problem with it. Recently I hade some encoding problems that quickly resolved by the support team. Thanks for creating this awesome plugin.
19. april 2023 4 replies
Your plugin has some bugs.My wordpress website installed two plugins: you plugin size chart and another plugin forminator , it’s link is : Once your plugin is activated, the forminator plugin starts having issues – its backend management panel’s CSS style gets messed up. Please open the following two links, so that you can see two pictures with detailed explanations can install these two plugins on your own website, so that you can see these bugs. Please fix these bugs, thank you.
24. september 2022
This is very useful plugin to display size chart in website and it is very easy to use
7. september 2022
The free version of the plugin is easy to use and has all the basic features you might need. We encountered a theme conflict but the tech support was very responsive and helped us fix it quickly.
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  • [Enhancement] Plugin UI enhancement
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 8.7.x
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.5.x

  • [Enhancement] Quick fix related to the plugin design conflict

  • [Enhancement] Quick fix related to the Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability


  • [New] Ability to showcase size chart content and table as tabbing
  • [New] Ability to add multiple tables in one size chart
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the search product results while the size chart assign
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the chart table design
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the size chart listing page information
  • [Enhancement] Introduced general shortcode «[scfw_product_size_chart]» in the free version
  • [Enhancement] Removed deprecated features – Subtitle and Primary Chart Image
  • [Enhancement] Plugin UI enhancement
  • [Enhancement] Plugin compatibility with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
  • [Enhancement] Added free user upgrade dashboard
  • [Enhancement] Introduced plugin setup wizard
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 7.9.x
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.2.x

  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the size chart validation with various languages (e.g., Greek, Chinese).
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the size chart popup design.
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the plugin script & styles loading.
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the attributes specific size chart.
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the size chart data loading.
  • [Enhancement] Display product name with product edit link on size chart listing page.
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 7.7.x
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.2.x


  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the size chart icon design
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes related to the multisite activation
  • [Enhancement] Security patch
  • [Enhancement] Plugin compatibility with PHP 8.1.x
  • [Enhancement] Added special character validation in size chart table cell
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WooCommerce 7.4.x
  • [Enhancement] Compatible with WordPress 6.1.x


  • Fixed — Minor issue fixed related to size chart slug on multi-language environment
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 7.0.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 6.0.x


  • New – Add/Delete multiple columns/rows in the size chart.
  • New – Size chart link type (Text/Icon)
  • New – Size chart icon with text button
  • New – Allow customer to show note for size chart
  • Enhancement – Additional tab position hook for priority
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 6.9.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 6.0.x


  • Fixed – Fixed issue related to string translation with WPML
  • Fixed – Fixed CSS conflict issue with Booster Elite Plugin
  • Update – Updated Freemius SDK version to 2.4.5
  • Update – Compatible with WooCommerce 6.8.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 6.0.x


  • Enhancement – Improvise Plugin layout and design
  • Enhancement – Move Category and Tag field from Normal to side section on the edit page
  • Enhancement – Move Duplicate & Preview button from action section to below title
  • Enhancement – Add Product, Category, and Tag column on a size chart listing
  • Fix – Delete feature image icon position
  • Add – After the title of the Size Chart append the «Add new» button
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 6.5.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 6.x


  • Enhancement – Security patch
  • Update – Review block design
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 6.2.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.9.x


  • New – Allow option to manage size chart by the shop manager or custom role.
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 6.1.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.9.x


  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed related to duplicate size charts.
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 5.9.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


  • Fixed – Size chart pagination deletion issue.
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 5.9.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed related to multi size charts.
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 5.9.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed related to size chart missing on product page
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 5.8.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed related to multiple size chart popup issue


  • New – Allow users to select multiple size chart
  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 5.7.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 5.7.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed related to auto redirect on variation form


  • Enhancement – Fixed minor issues related to compatibility with Elementor Plugin
  • Fixed – Minor bug fixed
  • Update – Compatible with Woocommece 5.6.x
  • Update – Compatible with WordPress 5.8.x


  • New: Add size chart based on tags
  • New: Add size chart based on attributes
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.3
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.7.2


  • Compatible with WooCommerce 5.1
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.7

2.0.9 – 07-01-2021

  • Minor bug fixed


  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.7.1
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5.3
  • Fixed – CSS conflict issue with textarea

2.0.7 – 25-11-2020

  • Minor bug fixed

2.0.6 – 20-11-2020

  • Maintenance Releases

2.0.5 – 30-09-2020

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.5.x
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5.x

2.0.4 – 05-07-2020

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.1.x
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.4.x

2.0.3 – 12-03-2020

  • Fixed: Loading JS & CSS on every page issue

2.0.2 – 29-01-2020

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.9.x

2.0.1 – 19-11-2019

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.3.x
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.x
  • Fixed when you change default category slug issue

2.0 – 12-11-2019

  • Fix – Admin side size chart preview open then refresh page balck screen issue.
  • Fix – Public side size chart popup open when page refresh.
  • Fix – If number of product assing it just show 10 product issue fix.
  • Fix – Blank chart saved then popup issue fix.
  • New – Popup UI change.
  • New – Assign size chart in product using size chart and product page both place.
  • New – Search product and assign the chart functionality.
  • New – Assign product list with pagination.
  • New – Remove the checkbox for default chart.
  • New – Set chart title required.
  • New – Product size chart list remove and search size chart functionality added.
  • Compatible with Freemius

1.6.8 – 20-09-2019

  • Maintenance Releases

1.6.7 – 28.05.2019

  • Compatible with WordPress Version 5.2.x and WooCommerce version 3.6.x
  • minor bug fixing

1.6.6 – 02.04.2019

  • Product listing page «View» link hiding issue has been fixed.

1.6.5 – 26.03.2019

  • minor bug fixing

1.6.4 – 22.02.2019

  • minor bug fixing
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.1 and WooCommerce 3.4.x

1.6.3 – 30.11.2018

  • Update select2 js
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.x and WooCommerce 3.4.x

1.6.2 – 13.09.2018

  • Solve Chart image remove issue

1.6.1 – 07.06.2018

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.x and WooCommerce 3.4.x

1.6 – 28.05.2018

  • Normal Bug Fix
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 4.9.6

1.5 – 26.04.2018

  • Normal Bug Fix
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 4.9.5

1.4.1 – 23.11.2017

  • Fix: If black value then consider black row on sizechart.

1.4 – 12.06.2017

  • Size Chart Style Issue resolved.
  • Normal Bug Fix
  • Size Chart Product Tab Issue resolved.
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 4.8

1.3 – 25.05.2017

  • New Plugin Setting panel introduced
  • Normal Bug Fix

1.2 – 17.04.2017

  • Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.0.x
  • Normal Bug Fix


  • Normal Bug Fix


  • New Version Realease