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FullCalendar is a free open source jQuery plugin by Adam Arshaw which generates a stunning calendar populated with your events.

This plugin combines the power of FullCalendar 3.x and WordPress to present your posts or any other custom post type in a calendar format, which can be filtered by custom taxonomies such as categories and tags.

Demo – See it in action


  • AJAX powered
  • Month/Week/Day views
  • Style your calendar with dozens of themes or create your own with the jQuery ThemeRoller
  • Filter by taxonomy, such as category, tag etc.
  • Supports custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Popout/Tooltip post summaries and thumbnails when you hover over your calendar items.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Events Manager
  • Various hooks and filters for added flexibility for developers

Takk og ære

  • Big thank you to Michael Lynn who generously gave us this plugin namespace after deciding not to go through with his implementation. One less confusing name on the plugin repo!
  • This plugin was originally created for Events Manager Pro, which has been moved over here so it can be used by the community for other post types. Support and maintenance is sponsored by proceeds from this premium plugin, so if you’re in need of a good Events plugin, give it a try!


Here’s a rough roadmap of where we’re heading, and will be ammended as time permits

  • Move to FullCalendar 5.x library
  • Remove jQuery dependency (due to 5.x transition and select boxes)
  • Add Gutenberg blocks
  • Add more native FullCalendar options to the settings page
  • Add formats for custom post types (currently only possible with Events Manager)
  • Colors for other taxonomies (currently only possible with Events Manager)
  • Multiple post types on one calendar


Install this plugin like a normal WordPress plugin. Once activated, you’ll see a new panel in the Settings section for editing the options for calendar display.


6. februar 2024
The plugin works well but it’s not another «end user» plugin. If you are not a dev, look for another solution because it will not magically show a list of events with start date and time / end date and time functionnality, you’ll need to work on it’s available filters and some custom fields for that. Otherwise, thanks for the job, its works well except for the tax_query         $args[«tax_query»] = array();        foreach ( get_object_taxonomies($post_type) as $taxonomy_name ) {            if ( !empty($_REQUEST[$taxonomy_name]) ) {                $args[«tax_query»][] = array(                    «taxonomy» => $taxonomy_name,                    «field» => «id»,                    «terms» => absint($_REQUEST[$taxonomy_name]),                );            }        } For some reason, if you create / edit a custom post type’s custom taxonomy, the events stop showing altogether in the calendar, even if the wpfc_post_taxonomies options field is empty. So I had to comment that whole part for it to work again.
2. juni 2023
Even though they state it will work with custom post types, it won’t display on the correct date because it relies on the post date instead. If it’s a multi day event, same thing and will only display on the post date. The plugin has potential but until the Dev makes it to where it will actually work properly with CPT’s, it’s useless.
9. juni 2022
Easy installation, great first view. After that, this plugin is one big mistery. No documentation, explanation how it works, etc.
6. april 2022
I run a large series of virtual events / meetings sites on WP and I build a custom «events calendar» using CPTs and ACFs and a bunch of other things. But we needed a «calendar» view in addition to the typical «post list / loop» view. This plugin practically worked out of the box. I picked a theme to closely match our site, and added a few custom style points! I added some custom snippets to connect the start/end data to my custom fields and boom! There are some added bonuses which i appreciate as a full-time WP designer. The it’s lightweight, and even includes control of where only to load it’s scripps / styling – limiting bloat on the entire site. It also nicely sites within «Settings» where all «set it and forget it» plugins should live.
6. februar 2022
Huge thanks to the creator of the plugin – saved me 90% of the work of integrating full calendar into a travel site. Brilliantly done – custom post types with single and multiple date metaboxes are hooked up with a couple of filter functions. Also added my own content to the pop-up tooltips and styled everything. Taxonomy filtering works great.
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“WP FullCalendar” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • fixed reported security vulnerability which allows guests to view protected posts without displaying calendar
  • updated PHP code to adhere to WP coding standards


  • fixed calendar loading issue potentially caused by non-US WordPress core downloads and pre-packaged locales into moment.js


  • changed qtip library (outdated and not maintained anymore) to tippy.js
  • fixed minor CSS aesthetics on settings page


  • fixed qtip CSS issues
  • changed qtip colors from ghastly yellow post-it style to a clean white!


  • updated to FullCalendar 3.10.2 (final maintanence of v3, looking at step up to v5)
  • fixed issue where other plugins stripping version number of scripts results in older jQuery UI CSS library being loaded
  • fixed typo in admin description of shortcode
  • updated jQuery UI themes to 1.12.1
  • updated qTip library to latest version 3.x (interim until FC v5 library)
  • added text domain for translation on wordpress.org
  • added JS source includes when in WP_DEBUG
  • updated Danish translation file


  • updated to FullCalendar 2.6.1 library
  • added wpfc_calendar_displayed action when a calendar has been displayed
  • added wpfc_calendar_header_vars filter which enables overriding FC properties via PHP only
  • fixed double loading of calendars (FC library doesn’t support it anyway atm),
  • fixed loading of multiple calendar html showing multiple search filters in one calendar,
  • fixed redundant JS to show the loading spinner
  • updated link to time formatting options which correspond to FC 2.x


  • fixed EM 5.6.2 conflict,
  • fixed «undefined «type’» PHP warning
  • partial fix for arabic not showing events (item times will still show roman numerals)
  • fixed languages with long locales (Chinese Dialects, Portuguese Brazilian) not translating properly
  • updated to FullCalendar library 2.5.0


  • switched to FullCalendar 2.x library
  • changed plugin textdomain so it adheres to upcoming wordpress.org plugin translation features
  • moved previously hard-coded translations of calendar out of php code and now included via JS files shipped (and maintained better) via FullCalendar library
  • updated to FullCalendar 2.4.0
  • changed jquery style enqueue ID to jquery-ui so that EM won’t override it
  • fixed double-inclusion bug for wpfc-languages.php
  • added some extra actions before WP_Query and also in admin setttings page
  • fixed «more» link appearing at top rather than bottom


  • fixed privacy/security vulnerability where post types of any status can be retrieved via AJAX request (Thanks to François Harvey for reporting this responsably)
  • fixed ui-lightness theme stylesheet not being loaded (due to inconsistent file naming in jQuery UI bundle)
  • fixed «No Theme» selection attempting to load non-existent CSS files (requires settings resave)
  • fixed attachment post type tooltip not outputting a thumbnail image


  • fixed E_STRICT warning for calling non-static functions
  • moved hard-coded translations out of wp-fullcalendar.php into wpfc-languages.php to prevent encoding issues when editing/committing
  • fixed HTTP(S) schema issues when only admin area forces SSL, AJAX only uses SSL if page is SSL
  • fixed wpfc_js_vars hook passing on filtered values to wp_localize_script()
  • moved PHP out of footer JS for calendar initiation
  • moved footer JS out of wp-fullcalendar.php and into external JS file which is then included
  • added «settings saved» confirmation
  • fixed not being able to uncheck all taxonomies in settings page
  • fixed events spanning over a month not showing when going forward a month
  • updated jQuery UI CSS theme files to 1.11.4 including backwards compatibility for 1.10.x,
  • moved jQuery UI CSS loading out of JS and directly via wp_enqueue_style(),
  • changed theme CSS storage value to contain jQuery theme name or custom stylesheet name without paths (to allow backwards compatibility)
  • updated FullCalendar library to 1.6.6 (next update will use FC 2.x)
  • removed old selectmenu script/css and using native jQuery UI selectmenu instead
  • added Italian translation, thanks to Jeremy Wright!


  • moved Events Manager integration code out of WPFC into the EM plugin and added warning to notify EM users to update to latest plugin version
  • added Finnish, updated French
  • fixed post types with exclude_from_search = false not showing up
  • fixed media attachment post types not showing in the calendar
  • changed first function to be executed on plugins_loaded instead of init


  • added some translations to calendars,
  • added wpfc_js_vars filter
  • updated selectmenu lib to support WP 3.6 jQuery version
  • prevented countries from showing up when wpfc_search_events hook is fired until they’re added to options page,
  • renamed EM_Categories_Walker to WPFC_EM_Categories_Walker
  • fixed some php warnings
  • added Finish translation – Jan-Erik Finlander
  • added Russian calendar translation – Andrey Borisov
  • fixed mistaken use of add_action and add_filter instead of do_ and apply_
  • fixed all taxonomy dropdowns showing when no taxonomies are supplied to arguments


  • fixed non-all-day events being considered as all day
  • added option for conditional loading of css and js, fixed French typo
  • fixed more… links using & and having trailing slashes for event day links
  • fixed translation issues for FC items – props @Christian
  • added Italian for day names
  • added filter wpfc_ajax_post for non-EM post type queries
  • fixed non-2013 normal posts not showing up
  • fixed first day of week not matching wp settings if localized


  • fixed all-day EM events ending a day early


  • added localization for calendar text (hardcoded, see WP_FullCalendar::localize_script())
  • added POT file and ability to translate, files located in included/langs
  • updated FC core code to 1.5.4, WP 3.5 Compatible
  • improved handling of white categories, now has a darker text/border for clarity
  • fixed events manager breaking tip content if no format is entered into EM settings
  • fixed qtips not being disabled if set to in settings page
  • fixed more… showing a time of 11:59pm
  • fixed more… not showing for other CPTs
  • added option to format times
  • added option to choose available views
  • added option to choose default view
  • fixed categories not correctly filtering if shortcode is passed a category attribute
  • fixed times being stripped when switching categories


  • fixed issues with EM outputting converted html entities
  • fixed problem with ignoring CONTENTS on EM page when overriding calendars
  • fixed time problem when users turn calendar into agenda view


  • jQuery/js – tiggered wpfc_fullcalendar_args event to document, passes on fullcalendar options object
  • fixed limit and more text options being ignored (requires resave of settings)


  • added taxonomy shortcode attributes
  • added localization
  • year/month shortcode arguments load the initial month shown on calendar

0.1 – 0.5

  • first version, ported from Events Manager Fullcalendar 1.4