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WP Stripe



WP Stripe is a plugin designed to handle single payments using Stripe, a refreshing and accessible alternative to PayPal. This is particularly awesome for charities, non-profit organizations and other websites accepting smaller payments where transaction fees are unnecessarily high (no setup or monthly fees either).

Will it work on my Theme?

Yes! WP-Stripe features an inline form or pop-up modal so that it can fit any theme. There’s also a simple option to turn off the default CSS so that you can customize it yourself.


This plugin allows you to do a number of things (see screenshots too):

  • Add a Donation/Payment Form via Shortcode or Template insert
  • Add a Widget showing Recent Donations/Payments (using Gravatars)
  • View latest Donations/Payments in a Widget (donors can opt-in/opt-out).
  • View latest Donations/Payments in a WP-Admin (makes use of custom post types to store transactions without sensitive data, see FAQ for more information).

Using SSL (Important)

In order to process transactions in a secure manner, you need to purchase an SSL Certificate. This way consumers can purchase/donate with confidence. There are multiple plugins for then enforcing that SSL be used on your page, here’s one.

Stripe Limitations

Stripe is available in a number of countries, check here to see if your country is supported.


Follow us for updates at @humanmadeltd

Feedback & Bugs

As this is a new plugin, there are likely to be a few issues. Kindly post any issues, questions or suggestions on the WP-Stripe forums .


  • Payment Form
  • Payments Overview
  • Recent Payments Widget (largely unstyled, shows recent donations of users who opted-in)


WP Stripe can be used by either calling up a simple shortcode or adding the function to your template as below:

  1. Upload the folder wp-stripe to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings -> WP Stripe and add your API Keys (for both Test & Live)
  4. Place [wp-stripe] in your content or <?php wp_stripe_form(); ?> in your template.
  5. Add the Stripe - Recent widget to show recent payments/donations.


In order to process transactions in a secure manner, you need to purchase an SSL Certificate. This way consumers can purchase/donate with confidence. There are multiple plugins for then enforcing that SSL be used on your page, here’s one.

Vanlege spm.

How does WP Stripe work ?

WP Stripe uses a simple to add form to capture person & payment details. Credit card information is then passed to the Stripe servers in the form of a token, increasing security and hindering duplication.

What information does WP Stripe store?

WP Stripe DOES store basic transaction data (Transaction ID, Amounts & User Data that was voluntarily provided by the donor).

WP Stripe DOES NOT store credit card information. Upon form submission, a token is generated by stripe.js and passed through POST and then on to the stripe servers, that is the extent of it.

Does WP Stripe offer a shopping cart module?

WP Stripe is not intended to be used as an e-commerce solution, but rather to handle single payments and donations.

Does WP Stripe offer any actions or filters?


  • wp_stripe_post_successful_charge (after a successful charge and saving to WP)
  • wp_stripe_post_fail_charge (after a failed charge, for whatever reason)


  • wp_stripe_filter_form(to filter/edit the content of the form)


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Bidragsytarar og utviklarar

“WP Stripe” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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  • Tested for latest versions of WordPress & Stripe
  • Various security fixes/enhancements
  • Fixed UI bugs within WP-Admin
  • Update to latest version of Stripe PHP library
  • Updated ReadMe


  • Added admin option for other currencies supported by Stripe
  • Fixed issue with commas in amount (e.g. $1,000)


  • Added Actions & Filters (for successful/failed charges and form output). Will allow you to add functions such as confirmation e-mails.
  • Fixed bug with comments/widget
  • Updated Stripe PHP


  • Enhanced description sent to Stripe to include e-mail
  • Moved widget quotes to CSS (as opposed to being hardcoded)
  • Put in safeguard to strip out any «$» symbols dropped in from end-user (for amount field)
  • Added conditional to only show «Display on Website» if widget is also ticked


  • Fix for deprecated charge/amount
  • Fix for American Express CVC


  • Fix issue where Stripe php class is conflicting
  • Fix z-index issue


  • AJAX Fix


  • Security Fix
  • SSL Option for Modal
  • Updated Stripe PHP
  • Ability to page through transactions (i.e. next/previous page, not limited to 50 anymore)


  • Updated Stripe PHP
  • Tested for WordPress 3.4
  • Optimized/Refactored jQuery
  • Replaced standard POST submission through AJAX (no more page switches)
  • Enhanced form to use HTML5 form UI elements that are built within browsers (i.e. required, autofocus, maxlength, etc.)
  • Validates as HTML5
  • Added NONCE security check
  • Cleaned up iFrame, provided proper headers


  • Updated Stripe PHP
  • Allow button shortcode anywhere on website (as opposed to only on page)
  • Better submit state
  • Notification Fix


  • Remove function


  • Quick fix for sites running older PHP


  • Added Pop-up / Modal Box for making a payment (better plug & play), you can still use the inline form with [wp-legacy-stripe]
  • Added cards accepted below button, to disable use [wp-stripe cards="false"]
  • Simple Form Validation
  • «Submit Payment» button is replaced with spinner onclick (avoids multiple clicks)
  • Added Button on transactions page to delete all Test transactions
  • Added Name of person paying to Stripe charge
  • Fix: Issue with Shortcode bumping to the top of a page
  • Fix : CSS Hardening of Form (to make it more compatible with your theme)


  • Small fix


  • Few ReadMe Tweaks


  • Initial Release
  • Added Stripe Payment Form
  • Added Stripe Recent Donations Widget (users can opt-in/out)
  • Added Stripe Transaction Overview in WP-Admin