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Denne bunaden er ikkje oppdatert på over to år. Det kan henda han ikkje lenger blir vedlikehalden eller støtta, og det kan henda han ikkje verkar med nyare utgåver av WordPress.

Runo Lite


Versjon: 1.3.7

Sist oppdatert: 26. august 2013

Aktive installasjonar: 400+

Heimesida til bunaden

Runo WordPress theme has been made especially for poets and writers. It is lightweight, clean, simple and spacious and feels like your favorite notebook - focus entirely on content. It has a custom menu, background and header image, three layout choices, widget support (sidebar and three footer widget areas) and advanced text/poetry editing tools. The user experience for all details from the text editor to print output has been designed with writers and readers in mind. Add footnotes easily with [ref]shortcode[/ref]. When wanted, it preserves extra line breaks and spaces in your writing - respects your poems, that is. The responsive and minimal layout looks good in every device. Runo Lite is ready to translate and is available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian. Cross-Browser compatible (even the IE6). Only in Runo Premium: modify the whole layout; select fonts and font size.

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