Dette programtillegget vart stengt ned 12. februar 2020, og kan ikkje lastast ned. Programtillegget er stengt ned mellombels inntil me får sett på det.


11. februar 2020
it cannot get any simpler than this. inline text editing, global styles in free versions, global blocks, the list goes on and on and on. Hope they let developers to build elements around brizy, (developer api) but still most promising free page builder
11. februar 2020
If you're only interested in getting your site to look good and don't care about anything else then this does the job. However, if you need to do basic stuff then you will struggle as you are locked in with layouts/templates that can't be removed, images are locked as percentages and you can't set pixel sizes. Resizing images is pain having to go through multiple steps. No option to set basic dimensions like vh, vw, em, rem etc. Brizy creates many files meaning LOTS of INODES per site (brizy everywhere). It creates a LOT of clutter in the code basically, and you have a long time clearing it out. Lacks the ability to use tools in mobile/tablet view lacks custom controls for break points. No ability for a blog template. Lacks documetation, turtorials compared to other builders. Could be good and early days, but way too lacking at present. EDIT: Used pro version.
10. februar 2020
Toller visueller PageBuilder und für jedermann einfach zu bedienen. Bereits die kostenlose Version ist für sich genommen schon absolut top. Allein damit lassen sich umfänglich komplette Webseiten aufbauen. Die Handhabung ist super und man sieht direkt das Ergebnis, wie es nachher aussehen wird.
10. februar 2020
One of the best drag and drop website builder out in the wild. you want to make an amazing website within 5 min this baby is all about that and with the level of customization and it's newborn so give them time to do the work. just a small request pls put sliders for partners logo or something like that pls
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