Browsee helps you prioritize your product based on how users are using it. It automatically understands what your users like and where they are experiencing issues. Say goodbye to guesswork in funnel analysis and try out this new and intuitive way to understand your users.

  • Website Recordings – Gain visual insights into user preferences and pain points with Browsee recordings, offering AI-tagged recordings to get pinpointed sessions to watch.
  • Funnels – With Browsee funnels you can watch just the sessions where users drop after each step. Stop guessing why your users left, watch their reactions to your product.
  • Page Performance with Heatmaps – Analyze user interaction through clicks, scrolls, and attention tracking on a page to comprehend user behavior patterns.
  • What are the broad category of users on this page ? – Watch a page’s crowd simulation to watch hundreds of journeys on a page simultaneously. Instantly see broad segments of users and understand their behavior.
  • User Experience Issues – Browsee automatically identifies where users are frustrated using their click pattern and page browsing and tags these sessions. Watch them to understand common experience issues.
  • Errors affecting UX – Browsee’s development package provides detailed analysis and session replay of each Javascript Error, Server Error, Slow Ajax and Broken links. Don’t wait for your users to file support tickets. Detect them automatically using Browsee and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Segments -Seamless integration without code, freeing you from tech dependencies. Track metrics retroactively and enhance your dashboard with crucial segment data graph.

This plugin provides a simple installation of Browsee on your WordPress site, giving you immediate access to all Browsee features. Mostly Browsee can help you questions like:


  • Website Recordings – Watch how users are using your product. Identify critical issues in UX like rage clicks, confusion, etc.
  • Heatmaps – Get visual insights into user behavior on your website, highlighting areas of high engagement, clicks, and scroll activity to optimize user experience.
  • AI Tags on Website Recordings – Watch only a few sessions tagged with our AI to know where users are actually facing an issue.
  • Funnels – No-code funnel builder. With a few clicks, build a funnel to analyze why users are dropping.
  • Funnels – Track and analyze dropped session recording at every step of the funnel, revealing conversion bottlenecks.
  • Quick Analytics – No need to add events with Browsee. Record everything and analyze later!
  • No-code segment builder – Segment your users by queries and get understand their usage over time.


Simple installation

The Browsee plugin is available to install via the WordPress plugin library and
you can install it directly from within your WordPress dashboard. For a step-by-step installation guide, check out integration doc.

Manual installation

Alternatively, you can install manually:

  1. Download the Browsee plugin as a zip file.
  2. Upload the folder browsee to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress


After installation, configure the plugin by visiting Settings -> Browsee in
your WordPress admin panel and then enter your Browsee Project Key. You can find
your Project Key from your Browsee dashboard.

Vanlege spm.

Do I need a Browsee account to use this plugin?

Yes. You can sign up for a free Browsee account which provides access to all our features like recordings, heatmaps, crowd simulation, errors and latency, and rage clicks.

I’ve integrated Browsee, what now?

You can now see session recordings on our Dashboard. You can start building heatmaps and funnels. Any changes will be reflected immediately. For more ideas on how Browsee can help you checkout this article.

How do I remove Browsee from my site?

You can deactiviate/uninstall this plugin at any time to remove Browsee from your site. You can also remove the Project Key and it will automatically deactivate Browsee.

What are Browsee’s Terms of Service?

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support.


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