PublishPress Permissions: Control User Access for Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags


PublishPress Permissions allows you to enable or deny access to posts, pages, categories, tags and more. You can apply these permissions for user roles, individual users, and even custom groups.

With PublishPress Permissions, you can control who can view and edit your WordPress content. You can choose who can access images and files in your site’s Media Library. For example, you can deny all direct access to files for logged out users.

The Pro version of PublishPress Permissions has many advanced features such as teaser previews of restricted content, and automatically creating personal posts for users.

PublishPress Permissions Pro

Upgrade to Permissions Pro
This plugin is the free version of PublishPress Permissions. The Pro version of Permissions has all the features you need to control permissions for your WordPress users. With Permissions Pro you can manage access to posts, pages, media, taxonomies and custom post types. Click here to control access to your WordPress site with Permissions Pro!

Key Features in PublishPress Permissions

  1. Viewing permissions: Every post, page, and taxonomy term has a box where you can choose who can read this content.
  2. Editing permissions: Every post, page, and taxonomy term has a box where you can choose who can edit this content.
  3. Media Library permissions: You decide who gets to edit and view image files and documents in your Media Library.
  4. Hide other users» posts: You can prevent users from seeing posts by other users in the WordPress admin area.
  5. Create user groups: Build groups of users who can be given their own custom permissions. Two default groups include Logged in and Logged out users.
  6. Show teasers for restricted content (Pro version): Have teaser text that is publicly available, followed by private content that is restricted to only your site’s users.
  7. Personal posts for each user (Pro version): You can automatically create individual posts for your users so they have their own private content to edit or read.
  8. Editorial Circles and Visibility Circles (Pro version): Restrict users to editing or viewing posts that were authored by other users in the same group.

Feature 1. Viewing Permissions for WordPress Content

PublishPress Permissions enables you to customize viewing access for WordPress content. Open any post and you’ll see a box with the label, «Permissions: Read this Post». This box allows you to choose «Enabled» or «Blocked» for any user role, individual user, or user group. You can also set permissions for all users who are guests, and those who are logged in.

Click here to see how to control viewing permissions.

Feature 2. Editing Permissions for WordPress Content

PublishPress Permissions allows you to customize the editing permissions for all your content. Open a Post, Page, Category, Tag, or custom post type and you can decide who is allowed to edit that content. You can even prevent users from editing child pages of a specific parent page. Open any content item and you’ll see a box with a label like this: «Permissions: Edit this Post». This box allows you to choose «Enabled» or «Blocked» for any user role, individual user, or user group.

Click here to see how to control editing permissions.

Feature 3. Access Permissions for the Media Library

PublishPress Permissions gives you detailed control over access to media on your WordPress site. You decide who gets to edit and view files in your Media Library. For example, you can set up WordPress so that users only have access to files that they uploaded. Or you can add an exception so users can edit other people’s media files if they are attached to a post they can edit.

The Pro version of Permissions allows you to deny any public access to files on your site. Nobody will be able to see your Media Library files unless they have access to a post that includes that file.

Click here to see how to manage access to your media files.

Feature 4. Hide Other Users» Posts in the WordPress Admin

By default, WordPress users in the admin area can see all the Posts on the site, regardless of whether they are the author. This is not a problem for many sites. After all, most posts on most sites are publicly available – there’s no need to hide them. However, in some situations, site owners don’t want authors to see the posts that other users are working on. PublishPress Permissions can hide posts in the WordPress admin area, unless you have access to edit that post.

Click here to see how to hide other users» posts.

Feature 5. Create Your Own User Groups

PublishPress Permissions allows you to create your own user groups. Imagine you want to give some users access to a single Post. Instead of creating a new user role and applying all the permissions, you can easily add those users to a group. This is a simple and more flexible alternative to user roles. You can also prevent users from reading or editing content if they are not in a specific group. By default, this plugin gives you sample groups that include all Logged in and Logged out users so you can easily set public and private content.

Click here to see how to use custom user groups.

Feature 6. Show Teasers for Restricted Content (Pro Version)

PublishPress Permissions Pro allows you to display a teaser for unreadable content. This is perfect for making small snippets of your content available to the public. You can have teaser text that is publicly available, followed by private content that is only visible for your site’s users. If you choose to display a login form, the redirect will go to the originally requested content.
Click here to see how to display content teasers.

Feature 7. Automatically Create Posts for Users (Pro Version)

This Pro feature allows you to automatically create content for your users. For example, you can sync your staff members to Pages. This would allow your staff to each have their own page to edit and update. You can use this feature to automatically create posts, WooCommerce products, or any other post type that is defined on your site.
Click here to see how to automatically create posts for users.

Feature 8. Editorial Circles and Visibility Circles (Pro Version)

Visibility Circles are a feature in PublishPress Permissions Pro that restrict users to viewing posts that were authored by other users in the same group. PublishPress Permissions also has Editorial Circles. If you are in an Editorial Circle for Pages, you will only be able to edit pages authored by other circle members.

The most common way to use this feature is to restrict users in the Editor role so that they can only edit posts written by other Editors. This is because Editors are the only default WordPress role that can edit content (except for Administrators).

Click here to see how to build your own Editorial Circles and click here to see how to build your own Visibility Circles.

Support for Other Plugins

The Permissions plugin integrates with other popular plugins:

  • BuddyPress content permissions: With the PublishPress Permissions Pro plugin, you can give users access to create WordPress content, based on their BuddyPress group membership.
  • Relevanssi search permissions: Relevanssi is an excellent plugin that replaces the standard WordPress search with a better search engine. PublishPress Permissions Pro has integration with Relevanssi. If you use PublishPress Permissions Pro, your Relevanssi search results will have the correct visibility.
  • WPML language permissions: PublishPress Permissions Pro does have support for the WPML plugin. By default, PublishPress Permissions Pro will automatically mirror your post / category permissions to the translated content.
  • bbPress language permissions: bbPress is the most popular forum software for WordPress. With PublishPress Permissions Pro, you can manage access and to important bbPress features.

Join PublishPress and get the Pro plugins

The Pro versions of the PublishPress plugins are well worth your investment. The Pro versions have extra features and faster support. Click here to join PublishPress.

Join PublishPress and you’ll get access to these nine Pro plugins:

Together, these plugins are a suite of powerful publishing tools for WordPress. If you need to create a professional workflow in WordPress, with moderation, revisions, permissions and more, then you should try PublishPress.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for PublishPress Permissions are welcomed in our repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

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  • Custom viewing permissions: Every post, page, and taxonomy term has a box where you can choose who can read this content.
  • Custom editing permissions: Every post, page, and taxonomy term has a box where you can choose who can edit this content.
  • Category permissions: Every category has a box where you can choose who can edit, read, or assign this category.
  • Create custom groups: Build groups of users who can be given their own custom permissions. Two default groups include Logged in and Logged out users.
  • Manage media library access: You decide who gets to edit and view image files and documents in your Media Library.
  • Show content teasers: Have teaser text that is publicly available, followed by private content that is restricted to only your site's users.
  • Synchronize content to users: You can automatically create individual posts for your users so they have their own private content to edit or read.

Vanlege spm.

Can I restrict access to custom post types?

A large number of WordPress have sites with custom post types. These custom post types often hold sensitive information. In this guide, we’ll show you how to control who can read, edit and publish content in your custom post types. By default, nearly all custom post types will inherit the same permissions as Posts. So a user in the “Editor” will role will automatically be able to write and edit in your custom post type.

  • Install the PublishPress Permissions Pro plugin.
  • Go to Permissions > Settings > Core.
  • Under “Filtered Post Types”, check the box for your post type.
  • Click “Save Changes”.
  • You will now be able to edit any post in your custom post type and see editing permissions.

Click here to see how to restrict access to custom post types.

Can I restrict viewing access to specific categories?

Yes, PublishPress Permissions makes it possible to control who can view and read content with a specific category attached. In this situation, “read” means “view”. So we’re going to control who can see this content. By default, Categories are only available on WordPress Posts. However, you can add Categories to other post types and so you will be able to use the tutorial for those post types too.

Click here to see how to restrict access to categories.

Can I force users to create posts in a category or parent page?

This guide will show you how to require users to create content in a specific category or parent page. The solution in this guide is a flexible approach for sites with a substantial number of users in different roles. Depending on the needs of your site, the PublishPress plugins also offer other approaches such as this one based on user roles. In this tutorial, we’ll use examples from a university. Our sample site has categories for different university departments. Our aim will be to restrict some users to posting in some categories, or underneath some parent pages. By default, Categories are only available on WordPress Posts. However, you can add Categories to other post types and so you will be able to use the tutorial for those post types too.

Click here to see how to force users to post in a category.

Can I block access to WordPress category and tag archives?

Yes, the PublishPress Permissions plugin allows you to block access to WordPress category and tag archive pages. For example, you can block public access to the “Blog” category on your site. We will use this as an example, but the same approach can work for all taxonomies.

  • Install the PublishPress Permissions plugin.
  • Go to “Posts”, then “Categories”.
  • Click “Edit” for your category.
  • Scroll down to the “Permissions: Read Posts in this Category” area.
  • Set “Anonymous” to “Blocked”.

This will impact anyone who is anonymous / not logged in to your site and tries to visit a post with the “Blog” category, or “Blog” category archive page. People without access to this category will only see a “Page Not Found” message.

Click here to see how to deny access to blog archives.

Can I control access to Media Library files?

The PublishPress Permissions plugin allows you to control permissions for media files on your site.

  • Go to Permissions > Settings.
  • Click the “Core” tab and make sure the “Media” box is checked.
  • Click the “Editing” tab.

Scroll down to the “Media Library” area. Here you’re going to see 4 options you can use to control access to files inside the Media Library:

  • List other users» uploads if attached to a readable post: If this boxed is checked, users can view other people’s media files if they are attached a post they can read.
  • List other users» uploads if attached to an editable post: If this boxed is checked, users can view other people’s media files if they are attached a post they can edit.
  • Edit other user» uploads if attached to an editable post: If this boxed is checked, users can edit other people’s media files if they are attached a post they can edit.
  • Other users» unattached uploads listed by default: If this boxed is checked, users can view other people’s media files.

Click here to see how to control access to the Media Library.

Can I block people and search engines from accessing Media Library file URLs?

By default, all the files and images you upload to WordPress are publicly available. This is great news for most sites. The goal of most sites is to create popular content that is viewed by as many readers as possible. But this public access is a problem if you run a membership site and DO NOT want everyone reading your content. Yes, you can restrict the privacy of your posts, but people can still view your files if they know the URL. The PublishPress Permissions Pro plugin makes it possible to block direct access to your media files. Even if someone knows the URL, they won’t be able to access your files unless you give them the correct access.

Click here to see how to block people and search engines from accessing file URLs.

Can I restrict WordPress users from creating higher-level users?

By default, WordPress only allows Administrators to create users. If you want to allow other roles to create users then you need to give them at least the promote_users, list_users, edit_users and create_users permissions. However, if you give them those permissions, they can create and edit users in any role. So you could have Editors creating and editing Administrator accounts. That could be a security problem. Fortunately, PublishPress Permissions has a feature called “Limit User Edit by Level”. This prevents anyone from editing a user with a higher level or assigning a role higher than their own.

Click here to see how to restrict user creation.

How does PublishPress Permissions compare to PublishPress Capabilities, User Role Editor, Members and other role editor plugins?

PublishPress Permissions can be used in addition to a basic role editor / user management plugin. Those plugins are designed to modify existing WordPress permissions. That’s a valuable task, and in many cases will be all the role customization you need. We do recommend PublishPress Capabilities which is a WordPress role editor designed for integration with PublishPress Permissions.

PublishPress Permissions can supercharge your permissions engine and goes much further than the basic role editor plugins. PublishPress Permissions is particularly useful when you want to customize access to a specific post, category or term. PublishPress Permissions adds content-specific editing permissions, file access restriction, and other features which are not possible in default WordPress.

What should I do if I use the Role Scoper plugin?

Moving forward, we do not plan any major development of the Role Scoper code base. If you encounter issues with Role Scoper and need to migrate to a different solution, PublishPress Permissions provides access to an import script which can automate the majority of your Role Scoper migration. PublishPress Permissions can import the most Role Scoper groups, roles, restrictions and options. Some manual follow up may be required for some configurations.

Is PublishPress Permissions a complete membership solution?

No, but it can potentially be used in conjunction with an e-commerce or membership plugin. If you have a way to sell users into a WordPress role or BuddyPress group, PublishPress Permissions can grant access based on that membership.

Where does PublishPress Permissions store its settings?

PublishPress Permissions creates and uses the following tables: pp_groups, pp_group_members, ppc_roles, ppc_exceptions, ppc_exception_items. PublishPress Permissions options stored to the WordPress options table have an option name prefixed with «presspermit_». Due to the potential damage incurred by accidental deletion, no automatic removal is currently available. You can use a SQL editing tool such as phpMyAdmin to drop the tables and delete options with option_name LIKE presspermit_%.

Can I share a link to install PublishPress Permissions?

Yes, we use the phrase «publishpress-ppcore-install» to share install links. You will see that text included in the links from other PublishPress plugins.


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Fue muy rápido aprenderlo a usar y sencillo, lo mejor. Muchas gracias
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Support provided great support when we encountered an issue, being plugin customers! Powerful plugin and we cannot easily live without it. It can become a bit complex, but it is logical.
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3.11.5 – 1 Nov 2023

  • Compat : Beaver Builder – Queries within BB shortcodes were improperly filtered
  • Fixed : Supplemental role captions were blank
  • Fixed : PHP Warning «Attempt to read property «count» on string»
  • Fixed : PHP Warning «Undefined variable $admin_post_new_url»

3.11.4 – 26 Oct 2023

  • Fixed : Collaborative Publishing module was not loaded correctly on some installations
  • Fixed : Caption for Permissions: Assign Term metabox in post editor
  • Fixed : PHP Warnings on Permission Groups screen

3.11.3 – 25 Oct 2023

  • Fixed : Some Permissions filtering was not applied on sites with a custom wp-admin URL
  • Fixed : Type-specific Supplemental Roles also granted most generic capabliities in Pattern Role. Introduce new Permissions > Advanced > Role Integration setting to restore previous behavior if needed.
  • Fixed : On page edit, if the Page Parent is not editable by the logged in user, it is hidden from the Page Parent selector. This occurred only with WP >= 6.3 and with a non-standard advanced Permissions configuration.
  • Fixed : PHP Warning in term filtering (Attempt to read property «term_taxonomy_id» on string) under some configurations
  • Fixed : Filtering of default category / term by other plugin was overridden
  • Fixed : Edit User Permissions – PHP Warning «compact(): Argument must be string…»
  • Fixed : Fatal error «Call to a member function init() on null» under some configurations
  • Fixed : Version update script triggering could be skipped on Pro installation under some conditions
  • Compat : Polylang + WP 6.3 – Language filter was no longer applied to Page Parent dropdown
  • Change : Added installation log to Permissions > Settings > Install

3.11.1 – 30 Aug 2023

  • Fixed : Rest API access error on some sites (potentially preventing login)
  • Fixed : Gallery block in Gutenberg editor: error loading Image Size dropdown options
  • Fixed : Caption for Navigation Menus (for Navigation block) did not distinguish them from legacy Nav Menus
  • Fixed : PHP 8.1 – Warning for dynamic property creation in post editor
  • Compat : Peepso – Non-administrators couldn’t submit front end posts on PHP >= 8.1

3.10.0 – 19 Jun 2023

  • Compat : WooCommerce – Private Products were not listed in Shop, even if Read Permissions are assigned
  • Compat : ACF Extended – Extra Update button on Edit Term screen
  • Fixed : Fatal error for undefined PUBLISHPRESS_PERMISSIONS_PRO_VENDOR_PATH on some installations
  • Fixed : If a «Limit to: (none)» Permission is assigned to default-restrict a post type, creating a new post causes a post-specific allowance to be assigned
  • Fixed : Category filtering error caused Nav Menu corruption if empty category is used as a top level menu
  • Change : Bump WordPress version requirement to 5.5
  • Change : Bump PHP version requirement to 7.2.5
  • Change : Update vendor libraries based on revised PHP version support

3.9.3 – 11 May 2023

  • Change : Adjustment to composer.json
  • Change : Adjustment to .gitignore

3.9.2 – 10 May 2023

  • Fixed : Remove .git nested folders from some vendor libraries, using build script

3.9.1 – 9 May 2023

  • Fixed : Fatal error in Composer installs due to missing vendor libraries
  • Compat : PublishPress Planner – Status Change notifications were not sent

3.9.0 – 4 May 2023

  • Fixed : Error updating plugin with Composer, fixed by removing unused vendor libraries
  • Fixed : Fatal error in wp-admin if certain request variables have unexpected values
  • Change : Bump WordPress version requirement to 5.5
  • Change : Bump PHP version requirement to 7.2.5
  • Change : Update vendor libraries based on revised PHP version support

3.8.8 – 04 May 2023

  • Change: Added warning about end of support for WordPress 5.4 and earlier. PublishPress Permissions 3.9 will require WordPress 5.5 or later.

3.8.7 – 30 Mar 2023

  • Change : Media Library – new setting to disable «Prevent editing uploads if attached to a non-editable post», available if Settings > Core > Filtered Post Types > «Enforce distinct capabilities for Media» is enabled
  • Compat : WPML – Logged in users saw 404 error on Home Page viewing request if post type is not enabled for Permissions filtering
  • Fixed : Error on post creation / update by Editor, under some configurations
  • Fixed : PHP 8.1 – Notice in wp-admin
  • Change : Minimum PHP version 7.2.5

3.8.6 – 23 Mar 2023

  • Compat : Elementor – Error, memory exhaustion when users try to edit their own draft in Elementor
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – When revision submission is enabled for unpublished posts, Revision Creation exceptions also allowed publication of main post
  • Fixed : Fatal Error for some get_pages() queries

3.8.5 – 9 Feb 2023

  • Fixed : Permission Group description was cleared when a new Permission is saved
  • Fixed : If Permissions were set to limit Page Parent selection to a single page and its descendants, when that page itself was edited, all pages were displayed in Page Parent selector (though they could not be saved)
  • Fixed : Nav Menu Management: Menu update by a limited user cause all uneditable menu items to be removed
  • Fixed : Nav Menu management by limited user based on Permissions for a specific menu – On menu update, all uneditable items were removed
  • Fixed : PHP Warning in login popup after current login times out
  • Fixed : If constant PP_RESTRICTION_PRIORITY is set, «Limit to» Category permissions (the unblocked list) were still overriding «Exclude» Category permissions
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Permissions limiting revision creation to only specific posts also blocked reading access to other posts

3.8.4 – 15 Dec 2022

  • Fixed : Nav Menu Manager role had no label on Edit Permissions screen after storage
  • Fixed : Nav Menu Manager role did not allow menu creation
  • Fixed : get_pages() call with large include or exclude array caused excessively large query
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – limited authors may be locked out of editing new page if access depends on inheriting specific permissions from a required parent page
  • Fixed : Edit Category / Tag – Extra update button, not needed for non-Administrators, who don’t have multiple Specific Permission metaboxes

3.8.2 – 17 Nov 2022

  • Fixed : Post preview did not display unsaved changes
  • Fixed : WP 6.0 – Advanced option to «Delete settings on plugin deletion» prevented successful plugin deletion
  • Fixed : PHP error «undefined function PublishPress\Permissions\ppc_delete_agent_permissions()» at user deletion on some installations
  • Compat : Nested Pages – Subpages not listed if Permissions configured to make root level page uneditable
  • Compat : Elementor – Work around Elementor requiring edit_posts capability no matter what type of post is being edited

3.8 – 18 Oct 2022

  • Fixed : Category / Term Management restrictions did not exclude unmanagable terms from list
  • Fixed : Clearance of category_children field caused issues for some third party plugins
  • Fixed : Query Loop block – Sticky Posts displayed redundantly
  • Fixed : Multisite – Invalid UI on some plugin screens for network installations
  • Fixed : Users screen – PHP Notice for required parameter $column_name, $id
  • Fixed : Edit Permission Group screen – PHP Notice for required parameter $agent_type
  • Fixed : Edit Permission Group screen – PHP Notice for deprecated function
  • Fixed : Archive widget – PHP Warning
  • Fixed : HTML Forms plugin – PHP Notices
  • Feature : Option to delete all plugin data and settings on plugin deletion
  • Feature : New setting «List other user’s uneditable posts», default disable on new installations
  • Change : Disable «Add Author Page» dropdown on new installations
  • Change : Settings screen caption, styling improvements
  • Change : Use instance protection library to deal with duplicate / obsolete plugin activations
  • Change : Plugin review request

3.7.12 – 30 Aug 2022

  • Fixed : Sticky Posts were displayed redundantly in Query Loop block
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Category permissions for revision creation or submission failed if term_id differed from term_taxonomy_id

3.7.11 – 16 Aug 2022

  • Fixed : PHP 8 – If a non-Administrator updated a top-level page, any Specific Permissions propagated to its subpages were cleared
  • Fixed : Category / Term restrictions set for Everyone / Logged In were applied to Administrators
  • Fixed : Fatal error on activation of certain other plugins
  • Fixed : Fatal error if option «presspermit_deactivated_modules» has invalid value stored
  • Workaround : Support PRESSPERMIT_AUTOSET_AUTHOR constant to set Author to current user if autoset_post_author / autoset_page_author capability is assigned

3.7.10 – 7 Jul 2022

  • Fixed : Filter «use_block_editor_for_post» was not recognized in detecting block editor disable
  • Fixed : Category Permissions – Assign Category restrictions did not prevent checkbox display in Gutenberg post editor

3.7.9 – 8 Jun 2022

  • Fixed : REST post creation – Category Assign restrictions were not applied unless accompanied with Edit restrictions; caused new category to be created
  • Fixed : Permission Groups screen – Roles column displays unrendered html tags under some configurations

3.7.8 – 2 Jun 2022

  • Fixed : Access failures under some configurations

3.7.7 – 2 Jun 2022

  • Fixed : Authors could not create new posts; possibility of other access failures

3.7.6 – 1 Jun 2022

  • Compat : WP 6.0 – Fatal error loading Customizer with PublishPress Revisions active, possibly in other areas
  • Fixed : WP 6.0 – Edit User / Profile screen did not display group assignments
  • Fixed : Implicit assignment of read capability forced all roles to have dashboard access
  • Fixed : Edit Category screen did not have metabox for Assign Category permissions assignment
  • Fixed : Category / Term assignment restrictions were not applied in Gutenberg editor
  • Fixed : Category / Term permissions – exclusions were not applied to terms list for post template display
  • Compat : The Events Calendar – post queries filtered incorrectly if event venue is involved

3.7.5 – 2 May 2022

  • Fixed : Category Permissions set for «(all)» post types were not stored properly
  • Fixed : Category / Term restrictions were not applied to post creation / edit by REST API
  • Fixed : On new page creation, author could be locked out of editing if restrictive editing permissions are assigned and autosave occurs before manual save
  • Fixed : Non-administrators can access Appearance menu, theme settings in WordPress 5.9

3.7.4 – 20 Apr 2022

  • Lang : Spanish translation
  • Lang : French translation
  • Lang : Italian translation
  • Fixed : Fatal error on post edit if category / term permissions are stored
  • Fixed : PHP Warning on post update by non-Administrator
  • Fixed : Customizer did not load under some configurations
  • Fixed : Role Usage menu items not displayed under some configurations
  • Fixed : Coding Standards – some output variables were not late-escaped

3.7.3 – 3 Mar 2022

  • Compat : PublishPress – Non-Administators could not see unpublished posts on calendar
  • Fixed : Edit Group / User Permissions – roles could not be removed
  • Fixed : Non-administrators could not edit Menus on some installations
  • Fixed : PHP Warnings on admin dashboard

3.7.2 – 2-22-22

  • Fixed : Specific Permissions could not be added using editor metaboxes

3.7.1 – 18 Feb 2022

  • Fixed : Category / Term blockages were not applied
  • Fixed : Error redirecting following post save if the save operation sets a status which blocks the user from further editing
  • Fixed : PHP 8 – Warning on Edit Permission Group screen

3.7 – 17 Feb 2022

  • Fixed : Numerous instances of missing / non-standard output variable escaping
  • Fixed : Numerous instances of missing / non-standard database query sanitization
  • Fixed : Specific Permissions could not be added using editor metaboxes until after post is saved

3.6.9 – 26 Jan 2022

  • Compat : WordPress 5.9 – fatal error adding / editing posts (work around WP hooking late-defined function _disable_block_editor_for_navigation_post_type)

3.6.8 – 20 Jan 2022

  • Fixed : Specific Permissions could not be added or removed using metaboxes in the post editor

3.6.7 – 5 Jan 2022

  • Fixed : Fatal error on sites not running PublishPress Revisions

3.6.6 – 5 Jan 2022

  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Contributors couldn’t edit own draft posts if «Prevent Revisors from editing other user’s drafts» setting enabled
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – «Revise» permissions assigned under previous Revisions versions did not enable revision creation
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Restrictive permissions for revision creation were not applied
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – limited revisors could not edit newly created revision under some Permissions configurations
  • Fixed : Error message after trashing a post in Gutenberg editor (although trashing was successful)
  • Fixed : Trash button not initally displayed after creating a post (requires page reload)
  • Fixed : Permissions table header styling was broken if custom styling is applied to certain standard WP classes
  • Fixed : Edit User screen – Permissions box styling was broken if custom styling is applied to certain standard WP classes
  • Fixed : Input sanitization consistency

3.6.5 – 24 Nov 2021

  • Fixed : PHP Notice «Undefined index: list_published_posts»
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – PHP Notice «Undefined variable: type_obj»

3.6.4 – 23 Nov 2021

  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Published custom post types not listed to Revisors under some configurations (also requires Revisions 3.0.5)
  • Compat : Public Post Preview – Disable Permissions filtering for public preview requests
  • Compat : Database servers that return column names all lowercase
  • Fixed : PHP Notice (undefined name property) on Edit Permission Group screen under some conditions
  • Fixed : Page editor: permalink preview did not include parent pages

3.6.3 – 16 Nov 2021

  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Revisions Submission permissions did not correctly adjust Edit Posts / Pages listing in some configurations (also requires Revisions 3.0.2)

3.6.2 – 9 Nov 2021

  • Fixed : Nav Menu Editor – Offered to add unpublished posts to menu; post metabox paging failed if unpublished items present
  • Fixed : Front end Nav Menu filter was applied regardless of «Disable all filtering for anonymous users» setting

3.6 – 14 Oct 2021

  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions 3
  • Fixed : Non-Administrators could not view image gallery in post preview
  • Fixed : Page Structure settings did not prevent creation of top level pages in Gutenberg
  • Feature : Edit Group Permissions screen – «Fix sub-Pages permissions» link causes Specific Permissions to be re-propagated to sub-pages if WP_DEBUG is defined (url argument: pp_fix_child_exceptions)
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Specific Permissions for «Revise» did not cause display of «Edit» link in Admin Bar

3.5.7 – 26 Jul 2021

  • Fixed : Nav Menu Edit – Permissions configuration did not make private pages selectable
  • Fixed : Nav Menu Edit – If Pages metabox results are paged, custom Front Page and Privacy Page were forced to the top of every results page
  • Compat : WP Engine – Long wp-admin screen loads because excessive clearance of WP Engine cache caused WordPress to execute Update Plugins check on each request
  • Fixed : Default / Lock Privacy settings were not properly reflected in Gutenberg Editor display
  • Compat : HTML Forms plugin – PHP Notice on form submission / file upload

3.5.6 – 23 Jun 2021

  • Fixed : Category / Term selector in post editor offered a maximum of 100 terms
  • Fixed : Menu Editor – Page / Post selection metaboxes (if more than 50 total items are available) did not list private items after clicking a paging link
  • Fixed : PHP Notice on plugin activation under some conditions
  • Fixed : Fatal error if a very old version of Revisionary or PressPermit Core is active
  • Compat : User Switching – First switched user inherits capabilities of current logged user on some sites
  • Compat : WooCommerce – Failure / delay updating variations of variable product

3.5.5 – 19 May 2021

  • Fixed : Add User screen – Javascript error on some sites
  • Fixed : Term filtering error for some custom taxonomies
  • Compat : WPML – Archives widget did not output links if multiple languages configured

3.5.4 – 6 May 2021

  • Compat : Revisions – Pending Revision Monitors group ineffective when first installation of Permissions was >= 3.5
  • Compat : Revisions – If draft revisions enabled, apply term-specific Revise permissions to unpublished posts if constant PRESSPERMIT_REVISE_TERMS_FOR_UNPUBLISHED defined
  • Fixed : PHP warning on Permissions > Settings > Advanced

3.5.2 – 8 Apr 2021

  • Compat : Gutenberg Ramp – Fatal error on editor screen if PublishPress Revisions not active
  • Compat : Revisions Pro + Elementor, Divi or Beaver Builder : Pending Revision Monitors group membership did not control notifications

3.5.1 – 6 Apr 2021

  • Fixed : Post Editor – toggling a Specific Permission Enabled / Disabled left both Enabled and Disabled permissions intact (with Enabled taking precedence under normal configuration)
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Publish metabox replaced «Public» caption with blank space
  • Compat : Classic Editor plugin – PHP warning for undefined variable current_user on some screens if users are allowed to select their editor
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Revisors could not preview other users» pending revisions, even if they are listed in Revision Queue (also requires PublishPress Revisions 2.5.1)
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Pending Revision Monitors group ineffective; notifications were sent to all Editors and Administrators (also requires PublishPress Revisions 2.5.1)

3.5 – 4 Mar 2021

  • Compat : Divi Builder – Specific Permissions did not allow non-Editors to edit other users» pages
  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – non-Editors could be locked out of editing their own post due to «default author for new post» setting or manual Authors change
  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – users who can edit due to specific permissions where blocked from Edit Posts / Pages screen under some configurations
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Specific Permissions did not allow Contributors to revise other users» pages
  • Compat : Glance That plugin – Widget content was cleared
  • Change : Settings screen – admin hints hidden by default, display on Comments icon click
  • Change : Moved Users screen content to Settings > Advanced > User Permissions
  • Lang : Separated admin hints into separate language file (text domains: press-permit-core-hints)
  • Fixed : Permission metaboxes in post editor did not search user display name
  • Fixed : Permission metaboxes in post editor – clicking search icon did not trigger search
  • Fixed : Fatal error in some custom REST requests
  • Perf : Eliminate a few redundant queries

3.4.3 – 21 Jan 2021

  • Fixed : Edit Category / Term – Metaboxes for Editing and Assignment permissions were blank
  • Fixed : Non-Administrators with editing access to an unpublished post could not view it using standard post link
  • API : New filter «presspermit_rest_post_endpoints» and «presspermit_rest_term_endpoints» support some custom REST API routes and endpoints
  • Compat : Simple WordPress Membership – Invalid metabox displayed on Edit Category screen

3.4.2 – 20 Jan 2021

  • Compat : WP Engine Object Cache – initial pass at auto-clearing cache on plugin configuration changes
  • Fixed : Slow comment count query for Contributors in wp-admin

3.4.1 – 14 Jan 2021

  • Fixed : Anonymous visitors were blocked from viewing public posts under some conditions
  • Fixed : Administrators could not assign roles or edit users with a role level higher that Subscriber, under some conditions
  • Fixed : Fatal Error activating Permissions Pro if Permissions is already active
  • Fixed : PHP Warning for undefined constant DB_NAME, on some installations
  • Fixed : Deprecated jQuery event handlers
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Contributors could not edit their own drafts if Revisions is configured to restrict access to other users» drafts
  • Compat : PublishPress Capabilities – With «Control Custom Statuses» enabled, custom capability was required to set Draft status
  • Compat : WPML – Edit Category / Edit Term screen had duplicate Permissions metaboxes
  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – PHP Notice in term / category filtering under some conditions
  • Feature : Add / Edit User: single select for Permission Groups if constant PRESSPERMIT_EDIT_USER_SINGLE_GROUP_SELECTION or PRESSPERMIT_EDIT_USER_SINGLE_GROUP_SELECTION is defined

3.4 – 17 Dec 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – integration of multiple authors in Permissions filtering
  • Fixed : Better styling in Permissions / Groups administration UI

3.3.10 – 8 Dec 2020

  • Compat : GD bbPress Attachments – 404 error on some sites following file rewrite rules update, if File Access module enabled
  • Compat : Status Control + WooCommerce: PHP Notice on scheduled task execution
  • Compat : Access Circles + PublishPress Revisions – Visibility Circles blocked editors from approving revisions
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Pending Revision Monitors group members were not properly filtered for editing access prior to display as available «Publishers to Notify»
  • Compat : Divi Page Builder / theme – Contributors granted page editing permission for specific pages cannot edit those pages with Divi
  • Compat : Visual Composer – PHP error for undefined class «PublishPress\Permissions\Capabilities» under some configurations
  • Compat : Display Posts plugin – Posts with a custom privacy status were never listed (even if readable)
  • Fixed : Edit Permissions screen – Cannot save Specific Permissions for a post type that has the same name as a taxonomy
  • Fixed : Menus screen – Private posts were not included in «Add menu items» search results
  • Fixed : Categories / Terms screen – Incorrect filtering under some conditions
  • Lang : Move all Pro translations into a single file

3.3.9 – 27 Oct 2020

  • Fixed : Permissions metaboxes were not displayed on Edit Category screen

3.3.8 – 26 Oct 2020

  • Feature : Gutenberg block embedding – for users lacking «edit_posts» capability, allow embedding based on «upload_files» (or per «presspermit_embed_capability» filter)
  • Feature : New setting – Core > Front End > «Performance: Don’t filter category / tag counts»
  • Fixed: REST tag / term queries returned all terms, ignoring per_page parameter
  • Fixed : Comment count filtering – Incorrect Total for non-Administrators
  • Fixed : Comment count filtering – Incorrect Approved subtotal for non-Administrators if PublishPress Notifications or Editorial Comments have been stored
  • Compat : ODBC installations – Comment query database error caused issues including lack of confirmation message after Revision creation with PublishPress Revisions plugin
  • Compat : Revisions – «Prevent Revisors from editing others» revisions» setting was not applied (also requires Revisions 2.4.2)
  • Compat : Revisions – Category-Specific Revise Permissions allowed an Author to fully edit posts in specified categories
  • Compat : Revisions – Category-Specific Revise Permissions allowed an Author to restore past revisions
  • Compat : Revisions – If Revisors are blocked from editing other users» drafts, those can now be included (unclickable) in Edit Pages if the list_others_pages capability is granted
  • Compat : Revisions – Specific Permissions to enable the Revise operation were ineffective for Contributors and Authors in some cases
  • Fixed : PHP Warning for undefined index on first-time activation
  • Fixed : PHP Warning on Edit Category page, for deprecated action name
  • Change : Some settings captions referred to «PressPermit»

3.3.7 – 9 Oct 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – On new post creation, Revisors had Submit button replaced by a Publish button, which failed. The only way to submit was to Save Draft first.
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Existing «Edit Page» Permissions could not be mirrored as «Revise Page» Permissions using bulk action dropdown
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Existing «Revise Page» Permissions could not be mirrored as «Edit Page» Permissions using bulk action dropdown
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – PHP warning on Edit Group Permissions screen if any Specific Permissions are stored for the Revise operation

3.3.6 – 8 Oct 2020

  • Fixed : Post-specific permissions did not correctly enable access under some configurations with «Post-specific Permissions take priority» setting enabled

3.3.5 – 1 Oct 2020

  • Change : Friendlier caption in Permissions metaboxes, «Editing permissions have not been added or blocked for any Custom Group»
  • Fixed : Javascript error «jQuery is not defined» on some sites
  • Fixed : Media items were always included in search results if filtering enabled. Now controlled by Settings > Core > Front End > Search Results include Media
  • Fixed : Edit Permission Group – In Posts / Pages selector, «(none)» item was not available unless paging links clicked (since 3.1)
  • Compat : Gutenberg Ramp – Revision submission UI did not load for post types that have Gutenberg enabled

3.3.4 – 11 Sep 2020

  • Fixed : Post access was improperly blocked under some configurations if Permissions > Settings > Core > «Post-specific Permissions take priority» enabled

3.3.3 – 10 Sep 2020

  • Fixed : Deleted WordPress roles were still listed in Permissions metaboxes of Post/Term editor
  • Fixed : Limited term managers could not view some of their manageable terms under some configurations
  • Fixed : Term managers who are limited to managing a fixed set of terms had «None» category listed in Parent dropdown, even though they cannot add a top-level category
  • Fixed : Parent selection for custom post types was not properly filtered in Gutenberg editor
  • Fixed : Setting «Post-specific Permissions take priority» ineffective under some configurations
  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – activation of invalid «Custom permissions for Authors» setting on Edit Author screen (using a previous Permissions version) broke Authors > Authors listing and editing access
  • Compat : Nested Pages – Enable Permissions filtering, but disable Quick Edit and Context Menu for non-Administrators by default. Available constants: PP_NESTED_PAGES_DISABLE_FILTERING, PP_NESTED_PAGES_QUICKEDIT_ROLES, PP_NESTED_PAGES_CONTEXT_MENU_ROLES
  • Compat : WooCommerce – When editing a product, variation additions were blocked inappropriately

3.2.5 – 13 Aug 2020

  • Fixed : WP 5.5 – Javascript error in Classic Editor if Default Privacy is set to a non-public status
  • Fixed : WP object cache was cleared when a non-Administrator accessed wp-admin Pages listing
  • Fixed : Pro – Post Status dropdown in Gutenberg editor was pushed into bad alignment if PublishPress 2.2 active
  • Fixed : Classic Editor plugin – Block editor usage was not properly detected if user selection of default editor is enabled and set to Block

3.2.4 – 7 Aug 2020

  • Fixed : Page Parent could not be viewed or changed in Gutenberg editor (since 3.2.3)

3.2.3 – 6 Aug 2020

  • Fixed : Fatal error on new installations if Import module is activated
  • Fixed : REST API – When context argument is used with include argument in a GET posts query, include value is ignored

3.2.2 – 8 Jul 2020

  • Fixed : New post creation locked author out of further editing if editing permission restricted by term and necessary term was not selected (now auto-select allowed term if none selected)
  • Fixed : Multisite – Permissions menu was not displayed if plugin network-activated and main site ID is not 1
  • Fixed : Term-specific Permissions were not applied correctly in some configurations
  • Fixed : Restrictive term-specific Permissions were not correctly negated by permissive term-specific restrictions assigned to another role or group for the same user
  • Compat : Revisions – Revision Permissions assigned for specific categories did not enable editing of existing revisions
  • Compat : Divi – non-Administrators could not edit new page on front end
  • Compat : PublishPress Authors – invalid error message for minimum PressPermit Pro version (note: Permissions is still not fully compatible with PublishPress Authors)
  • Feature : Support capabilities list_posts, list_others_posts, list_pitch_pages, etc. for inclusion in Posts / Pages listing without ability to edit
  • Fixed : Permissions > Settings > Install displayed instructions for restoring a Press Permit Pro 2.6.x installation, even if none was installed (since 3.0)

3.2.1 – 1 Jun 2020

  • Fixed : Supplemental roles were not effective on some sites
  • Fixed : Menu management limitations were not applied

3.2 – 29 May 2020

  • Fixed : Contributors could not set Featured Image in post editor
  • Fixed : Permission Groups search returned only WP role group results, not any custom groups
  • Fixed : custom get_terms() call with fields=slugs caused a PHP Notice on front end
  • Compat : Elementor – Non-administrator could not edit draft with Elementor editor

3.1.8 – 14 May 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Fatal error on post creation

3.1.7 – 13 May 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Authors were enabled to edit other users» drafts
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Term-Specific Permissions for Revise operation were not correctly applied
  • Fixed : Edit Permission Group screen – invalid Edit link displayed for currently stored Nav Menu Permissions
  • Fixed : Classic Editor – Fatal error due to incorrect parameter count on preview_post_link filter

3.1.4 – 23 Apr 2020

  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Support suppression of Permissions metaboxes on Edit Revision screen
  • Compat : Nested Pages – Error on Nav Menu edit

3.1.3 – 6 Apr 2020

  • Fixed : Possible fatal error loading Permissions screens on a small percentage of installations

3.1.2 – 2 Apr 2020

  • Fixed : Limited editors with editing permissions in limited categories lost access to new post when autosave assigned inaccessible default category
  • Fixed : Possible fatal error on Permissions screens on a small percentage of installations
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – Slider on Compare Pending Revisions screen did not work for non-Editors
  • Compat : Ubermenu – Enable Nav Menu filtering if Permissions > Settings > Core > Front End > Filter Menu Items is switched on
  • Compat : Nested Pages – Suppress all filtering on Nested Pages listing, due to incompatible NP handling of filtered query results
  • Fixed : Some informational captions for Pro functionality were applied for the wrong conditions

3.1 – 16 Mar 2020

  • Change : Metaboxes in Post, Term editors recaptioned as «Permissions: Read this Page», «Permissions: Edit Posts in this Category» etc.
  • Change : Edit Group / User Permissions – Exceptions recaptioned as «Specific Permissions»
  • Change : Edit Group / User Permissions – «Also these / Not these / Only these» recaptioned as «Enable / Block / Limit to»
  • Change : Edit Group / User Permissions – «Associate (as Parent)» operation recaptioned as «Set as Parent»
  • Change : Edit Group / User Permissions – Operation and Adjustment selection UI uses radio buttons (for new Specific Permissions) instead of dropdown select
  • Change : Edit Group / User Permissions – Operation, Adjustment and Qualification selections persist (for new Specific Permissions) until changed
  • Change : Edit Group / User Permissions – Minor styling improvements
  • Feature : Edit Group / User Permissions – Mirror currently stored Specific Permissions to another operation (new bulk edit action). Example: copy «Edit Page» restrictions as «Set as Parent» restrictions.
  • Fixed : Edit Group / User Permissions – Bulk edit checkboxes were re-selected by browser autocomplete
  • Fixed : Non-editors with editing exceptions did not see Edit link on front end Admin Bar if Classic Editor plugin active with «Allow users to switch» setting disabled
  • Compat : Ubermenu – Intermittant failure to retrieve top level menu items broke front end rendering on some sites
  • Compat : WP Bakery Page Builder – Editing exceptions were not effective for users lacking role capabilities
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions – If Collaborative Publishing module is not enabled, notify about need for it.

3.0.2 – 5 Mar 2020

  • Feature : Option to apply Publish exceptions separate from Edit exceptions (Permissions > Settings > Advanced > Permissions Admin). Previously available by constant definition.
  • Compat : Divi Page Builder – Non-editors with page-specific editing exceptions could not access some fields within the Divi editor
  • Fixed : Import module – corrections to import of RS Category Restrictions on the Post Contributor, Post Author and Post Editor roles
  • Fixed : Import module – corrections to import of Page Associate Restrictions
  • Change : Import module – styling improvements

3.0.1 – 28 Feb 2020

  • Fixed : RTL languages – PP Permissions plugin screens were offset to the right, with the Save button and/or captions out of view
  • Fixed : Featured Images were not properly attached to post if they have an alt text value
  • Fixed : Post editing exceptions did not grant post meta editing capabilities
  • Fixed : Publish capability was not credited from assigned exceptions in some scenarios
  • Compat : PublishPress Revisions 2.2.1 – if set to trigger save_post action on revision publication, do not execute normal Permissions action handlers
  • Compat : Divi Page Builder – Non-editors with page-specific editing exceptions could not use Divi editor

3.0 – 20 Feb 2020

  • Feature : Collaborative Publishing module ported from Pro edition
  • Feature : Import module (for Role Scoper installations) ported from Pro edition
  • Feature : On activation, detect Role Scoper installation and offer to import it
  • Fixed : Javascript error when a published post is unpublished in the block editor
  • Fixed : Settings screen – dropdown select items sometimes failed to display current setting due to browser autocomplete
  • Fixed : Edit Permission Group – After new custom group creation, «back to groups list» linked to WP Roles list instead of Custom Groups
  • Fixed : Permission Groups screen – groups corresponding to deleted WordPress roles could not be deleted
  • Fixed : Post editor – Non-administrators with permission assign exceptions got no results from group / user search
  • Fixed : Collaboration module – Stop filtering page parent dropdown needlessly for Administrators (caused invalid results and browser freeze under rare conditions)
  • Compat : Divi Page Builder – Non-Editors could not edit new page after creating it
  • Compat : Divi Page Builder – Non-Editors could not enter Divi UI
  • Compat : Yoast SEO – Admin dashboard access generated two PHP warnings for database error under some configurations
  • Compat : Media Library Assistant – PP Permissions were not applied on Media Library thumbnail view or Select Media tab
  • Compat : Image Source Control – Newly uploaded featured image was not formally attached to post (also apply this compatibility fix if constant PRESSPERMIT_LIMIT_ASYNC_UPLOAD_FILTERING is defined)
  • Change : Admin menu ordering – If PublishPress Capabilities is active, display Permissions menu below Capabilities (both under Users)
  • Perf : Edit Page with Block Editor – Prevent needless core queries
  • Fixed : Edit Permissions screen styling: alignment of Add Roles / Exceptions tab borders

2.9 – 9 Jan 2020

  • Change : Renamed to PublishPress Permissions
  • Compat : PublishPress Capabilities

2.8.8 – 23 Dec 2019

  • Compat : Themes that break Gutenberg by making meta boxes steal screen space from editor
  • Fixed : Avoid PHP warnings or unexpected behavior if a post is improperly stored with a zero ID

2.8.7 – 10 Dec 2019

  • Fixed : Edit Group Permissions – Category Search on «Add Exceptions» tab did not work
  • Fixed : Edit Group Permissions – when selecting groups for Group Exceptions assignment, redundant UI display (checkboxes for «All» tab not initially hidden)
  • Fixed : Custom get_terms() calls: some «fields» argument values were not supported
  • Fixed : PHP Notice – trying to access property term_name on a non-object, under some configurations
  • Change : Accommodate larger search results set on Ajax user search
  • Compat : White Dot Theme – Exceptions metaboxes on Edit Post screen had broken layout, could not search for users / groups
  • Compat : TwentyTwenty theme modified alignment of PressPermit Settings columns
  • Compat : JReviews plugin – PHP warning due to «the_posts» results array being set to null under some conditions
  • Compat : Project Nami – Users could not be added to groups
  • Compat : Project Nami – Exceptions could not be removed

2.8.2 – 31 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Supplemental Media Author role – uploader stuck on «Crunching» after uploading a file, could not open it until reloading Media Library
  • Fixed : Category / Term listing: after clicking Universal Exceptions link, category links led to edit screen for type-specific exceptions
  • Fixed : Edit Permissions screen – when selecting Media for Exception assignment, paging did not work in the Select Media metabox
  • Fixed : Edit Permissions screen – Page / Category Exceptions – fatal error on update if item «(none)» was selected with «sub-Items» checkbox selected
  • Fixed : Edit Permissions screen – Improper UI handling for editing existing exceptions if Apply button is clicked twice or without any items selected
  • Fixed : PHP Notice when Term Exceptions are assigned to enable access (adjustment mode «Also these»)
  • Change : On Permissions > Groups list, change «Group» filter link caption to «Custom Group»
  • Change : Plugins screen – Put Settings link next to Activate / Deactivate (was in plugin description area)
  • Change : Added PublishPress footer to plugin screens

2.8 – 2 Oct 2019

  • Fixed : Category / Term listing: after clicking Universal Exceptions link, category links led to edit screen for type-specific exceptions
  • Change : On Permissions > Groups list, change «Group» filter link to «Custom Group»
  • Change : Added PublishPress footer to plugin screens

2.7.14 – 13 Sep 2019

  • Fixed : Exceptions assigned for «All» post types and «Only these» categories blocked access to all categories
  • Change : Work around unexplained class loading error on early user_has_cap filtering with CAS integration
  • Fixed : Fatal error if Revisionary 1.2.x (releases older than March 2019) active
  • Change : Better dismissal support for admin notices
  • Change : Better sharing / separation of Core, Pro code

2.7.13 – 21 Aug 2019

  • Fixed : If get_pages() was called with depth, child_of, and exclude_tree arguments, some pages were not properly excluded
  • Fixed : PHP Notices for undefined variable if get_pages() or wp_list_pages() is called with hide_empty argument
  • Change : The informational notice displayed to existing Pro users (to replace PressPermit with PressPermit Pro) is now dismissible

2.7.12 – 6 Aug 2019

  • Fixed : Add New User screen was missing Permission Groups selection UI
  • Fixed : Categories were improperly filtered when queried within a shortcode, and in other cases where get_terms() was already previously called
  • Fixed : Conflict with TagDiv Cloud Library plugin (Newspaper Theme) and others that use a non-standard REST handler structure
  • Fixed : Inconsistent formatting of messages below Plugins row
  • Fixed : Gutenberg – Improvements to REST term filtering
  • Lang : Update .po file

2.7.11 – 17 Jul 2019

  • Change : Adjust explanation about PressPermit Pro account migration

2.7.10 – 17 Jul 2019

  • Fixed : Supplemental Media Editor role granted Post Editor capabilities if Permissions > Settings > Core > Filtered Post Types > «Enforce distinct edit, delete capability requirements for Media» not enabled

2.7.9 – 11 Jul 2019

  • Fixed : Users lacking read capability were blocked from viewing public posts (now apply this requirement only if constant PRESSPERMIT_STRICT_READ_CAP is defined)
  • Fixed : API – undefined function pp_get_groups_for_user
  • Fixed : Notice for undefined variables last_siteroles_hash, siteroles_hash
  • Change : If constant PRESSPERMIT_MEDIA_IGNORE_UNREGISTERED_PARENT_TYPES defined, Media Library filtering treats media attached to a post of unregistered type as unattached

2.7.8 – 8 Jul 2019

  • Fixed : Group roles were not applied under some configurations
  • Fixed : Permissions > Settings > Installation screen always displayed «A key appears to be active» – even on fresh installs.
  • Fixed : Eyes Only User Access Shortcode plugin – Fatal error on Edit Page screen
  • Perf : Eliminated redundant role retrieval queries, processing
  • Change : Adjustment to Press Permit Core migration script

2.7.7 – 5 Jul 2019

  • Fixed : Fatal error on front end if Nav Menu includes a Category
  • Fixed : Some stored exceptions were not shown on Edit Permissions screen, under some conditions
  • Fixed : Gutenberg Page Parent dropdown hidden or inappropriately restricted if Read Page exceptions stored

2.7.6 – 5 Jul 2019

  • Fixed : Eyes Only User Access Shortcode plugin – Fatal error on activation

2.7.5 – 4 July 2019

  • Fixed : Corrections and clarifications to Pro upgrade links

2.7.4 – 4 July 2019

  • Fixed : Fatal error on Permissions > Settings screen

2.7.3 – 4 July 2019

  • Fixed : Error loading language file on non-English sites, servers with open_basedir restrictions
  • Fixed : PHP warning for undefined variable post_blockage_priority, under some configurations
  • Fixed : API – Error creating a new custom Permission Group via API function call

2.7.2 – 27 Jun 2019

  • Fixed : Fatal error on Plugins screen on some sites

2.7.1 – 24 Jun 2019

  • Fixed : Some wp-admin captions incorrectly identified this plugin as PressPermit Pro
  • Change : Notice on Plugins screen for existing Pro installations

2.7 – 21 Jun 2019

  • Change : This plugin no longer used with Pro extensions (replaced by PressPermit Pro)
  • Change : Improved code structure using PHP namespaces
  • Compat : Renamed functions, classes, globals, constants, page slugs and hooks (with back compat) to avoid conflicts with other packages
  • Compat : Pro – PublishPress Custom Statuses
  • Feature : Pro – Custom Privacy statuses, default/lock privacy settings implemented in Gutenberg editor
  • Feature : On PressPermit Settings update, return to previous tab
  • Fixed : Secondary query_posts() calls blocked results inappropriately under some configurations, due to redundant filtering of the terms query
  • Fixed : Term restrictions applied for «all post types» could not be overridden by exceptions on a different taxonomy
  • Perf : Redundant filtering of terms query within WP_Query calls
  • Change : CSS improvements in Permissions > Settings

2.6.1 – 22 Feb 2019

  • Fixed : PHP Notice on Plugins > Add New

2.6 – 21 Feb 2019

  • Compat : WP 5.0 – extension change logs were not displayed
  • Fixed : Extension updates on wp-admin Plugins screen did not launch in iframe
  • Change : Update copyrights, contributors for PublishPress ownership
  • Change : Purchase / renewal prompt captions and styling
  • Change : Update support links and captions for help ticket infrastructure
  • Change : Minimum WordPress version 4.7

2.5.5 – 21 Jan 2019

  • Fixed : On Edit Page screen, Groups and Users could not be selected for exceptions if WP_DEBUG was defined

2.5.4 – 6 Dec 2018

  • Fixed : Pro – Excessive update checks on Plugins screen if any Pro extensions are installed but inactive
  • Fixed : Pro – Restrictive exceptions assigned directly to a post did not override direct-assigned enabling exceptions, even when PP_RESTRICTION_PRIORITY defined

2.5.3 – 4 Dec 2018

  • Fixed : PHP warning on third party calls to get_terms() with an invalid taxonomies argument
  • Fixed : PHP warning on Permissions > Settings > Install when new Press Permit Core version is available

2.5.2 – 28 Nov 2018

  • Fixed : On the Edit Page form, clearing a «Sub-Pages» exception did not delete propagated exceptions from the subpages
  • Fixed : Quick Edit did not allow private and draft pages to be assigned or retained as parent (since 2.4.2)
  • Fixed : Inability to delete exceptions which were assigned to a user before they become an Administrator (though those exceptions were correctly disregarded)

2.5.1 – 9 Nov 2018

  • Fixed : In Exceptions metaboxes on the Edit Page screen, when a user or group is selected, their «Enabled / Blocked» dropdown was displayed without an identifying label (since 2.5)
  • Change : Pro – Allow the {All} and {Anon} metagroups to be granted Reading Exceptions for specific media items
  • Change : Converted external links to https

2.5 – 28 Sep 2018

  • Compat : PHP 7.2 – Eliminated create_function calls
  • Change : WP coding standards – eliminated extract function
  • Change : WP coding standards – php open / close tag placement

2.4.5 – 21 Aug 2018

  • Fixed : Gutenberg – post update failure
  • Fixed : Gutenberg – restrictive category reading exceptions caused white screen on post creation by restricted author
  • Fixed : Wrong items count on wp-admin Users screen if redundant usermeta records are stored
  • Fixed : PP_GET_PAGES_LEGACY_FILTER did not fully restore previous get_pages() filtering
  • Change : Restore default get_pages() filtering of Page Parent dropdown in wp-admin for Administrators, unless PP_GET_PAGES_LIMIT_ADMIN_FILTERING is defined;

2.4.4 – 14 Jun 2018

  • Fixed : Page Association exceptions were not applied to parent selection dropdown on Edit Page screen (since 2.4.2)
  • Fixed : Pro – PHP warnings for PP extensions on Plugins, WordPress Updates screens
  • Fixed : PHP warnings in wp-admin

2.4.3 – 3 May 2018

  • Fixed : Pro – Invalid update links and PHP warnings for PP extensions on Plugins, WordPress Updates screens

2.4.2 – 2 May 2018

  • Fixed : After a WP role is deleted, the corresponding permission group remained. These can now be manually deleted.
  • Change : Increase limit for number of quick search results in post selection boxes on Edit Group Permissions screen
  • Fixed : «Add Exceptions» dropdowns on Edit Group Permissions screen failed to load on some installations with a server-imposed limit on simultaneous queries
  • Fixed : Groups table not created early enough on some multisite installations when third party code triggers early set_current_user action
  • Compat : get_pages() calls by plugins / themes in wp-admin() may be filtered incorrectly when sort_column is menu_order (for previous behavior, define constant PP_GET_PAGES_LEGACY_ADMIN_FILTER)

2.4.1 – 13 Dec 2017

  • Fixed : Edit Permissions screen : javascript error on Safari browser
  • Fixed : PHP Notice if a serialized PP settings array stored in wp_options table is corrupted
  • Fixed : Compat – PHP Notice for undefined index in pp_find-post-type.php, with some third party plugins
  • Fixed : PHP Notice in Permissions > Settings

2.4 – 14 Nov 2017

  • Feature : Collapsible page selection tree on Edit Permissions screen, defaults visible depth toward a target of 50 visible pages (or as defined by PP_ITEM_MENU_DEFAULT_MAX_VISIBLE constant)
  • Feature : Edit Permissions screen: «Clear All» link on selection review list after selecting post / term exceptions
  • Change : Scheduled posts are not included in blogroll, even if logged user can edit them. For previous behavior, define constant PP_FUTURE_POSTS_BLOGROLL.
  • Perf : Eliminated excessive page queries on Edit Pages screen
  • Perf : Reduced html output and database queries on Edit Group Permissions / Edit User Permissions screen
  • Perf : Improved database query construction and api behavior when inserting propagating exceptions on a page tree (for previous method, define constant PP_DISABLE_OPTIMIZED_INSERTIONS)
  • Fixed : Do not auto-delete role metagroups even if stored roles are no longer active. Otherwise, omission of role registration by 3rd party code triggers unwanted metagroup regeneration, causing stored permissions to be disassociated from users.
  • Fixed : Users whose role metagroup was inappropriately deleted are automatically restored on login or when included in wp-admin Users listing
  • Fixed : Fatal error for undefined function if presspermit_get_group() is called without first calling presspermit_load_admin_api()
  • Fixed : Incorrect REST response under some conditions if PP Collaborative Editing (Pro) not activated
  • Fixed : Edit Post screen: stored post exceptions were not displayed in Exceptions metaboxes on some installations
  • Fixed : If a post has exceptions assigned directly to a user, all of its group-assigned «Only these» exceptions are cleared on post update
  • Fixed : If PP Exceptions metaboxes are re-ordered on the Edit Post screen, they become permanently hidden on the Edit Categories screen
  • Fixed : Multisite – Exceptions were not displayed in custom column on Terms screen
  • Fixed : Comment count in admin bar was not properly filtered for logged non-Administrators on the front end
  • Fixed : Comments total on admin bar was not filtered
  • Fixed : Pro – Eliminate unintended (and ineffective) BuddyPress group membership checkboxes on Edit User screen
  • Fixed : If constant PP_GROUP_RESTRICTIONS was defined and later removed, stored restrictions («Not these» / «Blocked» exceptions) were still applied
  • Fixed : If constant PP_ALL_ANON_ROLES was defined and later removed, stored supplemental roles for {All} or {Anonymous} group were still applied
  • Fixed : Constant definitions PP_NO_POST_EXCEPTIONS, PP_NO_PAGE_EXCEPTIONS, etc. were not consistently applied
  • Fixed : Responsive styling on Permissions > Settings
  • Fixed : PHP Notice for non-static function act_sync_wproles
  • Fixed : Pro – PHP 7 compat: PP configuration upload
  • Change : Pro – Always include PHP error log in PP configuration uploads
  • Change : Support constant PP_ITEM_MENU_PER_PAGE to adjust paging behavior of post selection metabox on Edit Permissions screen
  • Change : Support constant PP_ITEM_MENU_HIERARCHICAL_PER_PAGE to adjust paging behavior of post selection metabox on Edit Permissions screen
  • Change : If any PP constants are defined, display them (and available related constants) on Permissions > Settings > Advanced
  • Doc : Updated dates in several files
  • Lang : Updated .pot file

2.3.21 – 11 Aug 2017

  • Fixed : PHP Notice on some installations (trying to get property of non-object in groups-retrieval_pp.php)

2.3.20 – 20 Jul 2017

  • Fixed : REST comments retrieval by non-Administrator returned empty if PP Collaborative Editing Pack not activated
  • Fixed : Exceptions and supplemental roles associated with WP role permission group were not applied if pp_group_members table out of sync

2.3.19 – 16 Jun 2017

  • Fixed : Authors could not preview their own scheduled posts
  • Fixed : Database error for duplicate primary key values in table pp_group_members
  • Compat : WP 4.8 – Uppermost Update button on Edit Category screen was ineffective

2.3.18 – 24 Mar 2017

  • Fixed : PHP Warning on Terms Listing screen
  • Compat : Pro – bump PP BuddyPress Role Groups minimum version to 2.1.5 to prevent fatal error on BP Groups screen
  • Fixed : Pro, multisite – PHP warning on login screen if PP Compatibility plugin active but netwide permission groups disabled

2.3.17 – 17 Mar 2017

  • Compat : PHP 7.1 – warning for «expected to be a reference, value given» when PP Collaborative Editing Pack is active
  • Feature : Link in Users table header to list only users who have no group membership
  • Feature : On Users screen, if «no group» / «has role» / «has exceptions» filter is active, set link bold and black
  • Fixed : Improved Formatting on PP plugin screens

2.3.16 – 19 Dec 2016

  • Fixed : Fatal error on some installations (cannot use $this as parameter)

2.3.15 – 15 Dec 2016

  • Fixed : Exceptions were not shown in custom column on Pages screen
  • Fixed : Pro – Page editing access did not grant Media Library access for attached files (site-wide capabilities or a supplemental Media role was also required)
  • Fixed : Pro – Media files editable to a limited user based on parent page access could not be updated (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.3.13)

2.3.14 – 7 Dec 2016

  • Compat : WP 4.7 – Fatal error when nav menu includes a category / term
  • Compat : WP 4.7 (Pro) – Fatal error when term-restricted non-Administrator saves a post
  • Compat : WP 4.7 – PHP Warnings in wp-admin
  • Compat : WP 4.7 (Pro) – Term assignment exceptions were not applied to new «assign_term» capability check (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.3.9)
  • Fixed : Term exceptions were not shown in custom column on Categories / Terms screen

2.3.13 – 17 Jul 2016

  • Fixed : _trashed suffix was added to post slug inappropriately under some conditions
  • Fixed : Pro – Invalid page parent filtering if PPCE deactivated after page association exceptions were assigned

2.3.12 – 15 Jun 2016

  • Fixed : _trashed suffix was added to post slug inappropriately following Menu editing (and possibly other wp-admin actions)
  • Compat : CMS Tree Page View – Avoid page listing error due to non-standard «get_pages» filter application by CMSTPV

2.3.11 – 9 May 2016

  • Perf : Simplify query clauses that ensure non-blockage of unfiltered post types for anonymous viewer
  • Fixed : Pro – Don’t propagate bbPress exceptions to topics and replies needlessly
  • Change : Pro – Better formatting for license key status UI
  • Change : Move most hardcoded style rules in plugin admin to CSS

2.3.10 – 28 Apr 2016

  • Fixed : On sites that have third party code assigning page parents with a different post type, saving exceptions for «page and sub-pages» causes the storage of unused exception records. This has no functional effect, but presented a performance issue or even script timeout on sites that have thousands of page children.
  • Compat : WPML (and possibly other plugins) – if PP filtering of a post type is disabled, posts of that type are not readable to anonymous users
  • Pro : Permissions > Settings > Install now displays link to account page for display of license key(s) and activated site(s)

2.3.9 – 12 Apr 2016

  • Compat : WP 4.5 – Exception metaboxes on Edit Term screen were missing
  • Compat : WP 4.5 – Term / Post selection boxes on Edit Permissions screens were missing bottom padding
  • Compat : PHP 7 – Eliminated notices for constructors, static function calls and array to string conversion
  • Feature : Groups column on Users screen is now sortable
  • Fixed : With constant PP_ALL_ANON_FULL_EXCEPTIONS defined, Reading Exceptions granted to Anonymous metagroup for private posts were ineffective
  • Fixed : When a subpage was edited by a user blocked who cannot modify page parent due to an «Only these – none» association exception, the page was set to top level if Permissions > Settings > Editing > Page Structure set to «no parent filter» or «Page Authors, Editors and Administrators». This can now be prevented by assigning «Not these – none» association exception.
  • Fixed : Pro – Authors could not edit their own draft posts via REST API v2
  • Change : Support constant PP_UNFILTERED_TERM_COUNTS
  • Change : Pro – Refresh link in license key entry / status UI

2.3.8 – 18 Jan 2016

  • Fixed : «Only these» exceptions set for a post type based on term/category causes the Edit Post form to default-assign the corresponding exception directly to posts of the same ID. If the exception is based on term «(none)», the exception is default-assigned to all new posts. NOTE: Affected posts will need to be manually edited.

2.3.7 – 7 Jan 2016

  • Fixed : Truncated Plugins listing if PP license key is inactive or expired (since 2.3.5)

2.3.6 – 7 Jan 2016

  • Fixed : Pro – extension installs and updates failed (since 2.3.5)

2.3.5 – 6 Jan 2016

  • Lang : Some strings were missing text domain
  • Lang : Updated .pot, .po files
  • Fixed : Pro – Change log for extensions was not displayed under some conditions
  • Change : License key availability, expiration notices for PP Core in Plugins row

2.3.4 – 4 Jan 2016

  • Fixed : Fatal error on user registration

2.3.3 – 21 Dec 2015

  • Fixed : WP 4.4 – On Users screen, UI to bulk add/remove permission group membership was non-functional

2.3.2 – 18 Dec 2015

  • Fixed : Additional permissions error (since 2.3.1)

2.3.1 – 18 Dec 2015

  • Fixed : Not Found error on front end for all Subscribers and anonymous viewers (since 2.3)

2.3 – 18 Dec 2015

  • Feature : REST v2 support for filtering of Posts and Terms
  • Fixed : WP 4.4 – Private pages were excluded from page uri hierarchy, caused invalid link display on Edit Page screen and Pages listing
  • Change : Supplemental Roles and Exceptions can be cloned to custom Permissions Groups
  • Change : Pro – Allow disable of «Hide non-editable posts» setting if constant PP_ADMIN_READONLY_LISTABLE is defined
  • Change : Support constant definition PP_DISABLE_NAV_MENU_FILTER
  • Change : Support constant definition PP_GET_PAGES_PRIORITY for later filter application in case of interference by third parties
  • Feature : Pro – Support pp_manage_own_groups capability (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.2.3)
  • Fixed : Pro – Non-editable groups were included in Permission Groups list for non-Administrators with group management exceptions
  • Fixed : Pro – Group management exceptions did not allow non-administrators to bulk add/remove group membership
  • Fixed : Pro – On networked sites with network groups enabled, member network groups were listed twice on Groups column of site 1 Users screen
  • Fixed : Pro – On networked sites with network groups enabled, site-specific permission group membership was not editable on Edit User screen of secondary sites
  • Fixed : More consistent application of group and member management capabilities for non-Administrators

2.2.8 – 20 Nov 2015

  • Compat : Advanced Custom Fields and WPML – ACF metaboxes were not displayed on Edit Post screen if translation was enabled for fields
  • Change : Streamlined Bulk Groups UI on Users screen (single groups dropdown for Add/Remove)
  • Change : Added an option on Advanced tab to disable Bulk Groups dropdown on Users screen
  • Change : Don’t display Bulk Groups dropdown if no groups are defined
  • Fixed : Removed extra top margin in Permission Groups box on Edit User screen
  • Lang : Updated .po file

2.2.7 – 6 Nov 2015

  • Fixed : On Network installations, PP User Search returned no results unless a user meta search was also specified (since 2.2.5)

2.2.6 – 5 Nov 2015

  • Fixed : On Edit Page screen, User and Groups searches yielded no results if PP Collaborative Editing extension was inactive (since 2.2.5)
  • Fixed : On Edit Page screen, User and Groups search UI had results box and search button too narrow (since 2.2.5)
  • Fixed : Extra gap in Permissions menu when accessing Edit Group/User Permissions screen
  • Change : If custom fields are not defined for user_meta search, UI provides a maximum of three key/value inputs
  • Change : User_meta search input box title attribute mentions the PP_USER_SEARCH_META_FIELDS constant (for logged Administrators if «Display hints» and «Advanced» settings are enabled)

2.2.5 – 3 Nov 2015

  • Feature : Bulk Add / Remove permission groups on Edit Users screen
  • Feature : In PP UI, search for users by First Name / Last Name / Nickname
  • Feature : In PP UI, search for users by any string/numeric/boolean field specified in constant PP_USER_SEARCH_META_FIELDS (comma separation for multiple user_meta keys)
  • Feature : constant PP_USER_SEARCH_NUMERIC_FIELDS causes corresponding user_meta search entries to be cast to numeric
  • Feature : constant PP_USER_SEARCH_BOOLEAN_FIELDS causes corresponding user_meta search entries to be cast to boolean
  • Feature : constant PP_USER_SEARCH_FIELD specifies a usermeta field to apply main user search box to (deprecates constant PP_USER_LASTNAME_SEARCH)
  • Change : When constant PP_USER_SEARCH_FIELD or PP_USER_LASTNAME_SEARCH is defined, Find User caption above search box reflects this
  • Change : If constant PP_USER_RESULTS_DISPLAY_NAME is defined, set user_login as title attribute for hover display
  • Change : Reading Exceptions metabox on Edit Post/Page screen does not indicate default access (Yes/No) for WP roles until post is published
  • Perf : Eliminated some redundant javascript output

2.2.4 – 28 Sep 2015

  • Fixed : PHP Notice for missing action argument broke some Ajax responses
  • Change : Support constant PP_RESTRICTION_PRIORITY to force «Not these» exceptions to take priority over «Also these» exceptions

2.2.3 – 28 Sep 2015

  • Fixed : PHP Notice when a user’s role is changed
  • Change : Support constant PP_UNFILTERED_FRONT to disable read access filtering
  • Change : Support constant PP_UNFILTERED_FRONT_TYPES to specify which (comma-separated) post types should have read access filtering disabled
  • Change : When PP_UNFILTERED_FRONT is defined, also support filters pp_skip_filtering and pp_skip_cap_filtering to allow third party identification of queries which should not be filtered

2.2.2 – 25 Aug 2015

  • Fixed : Improved formatting on Edit Permission Groups screen
  • Fixed : Pro – Membership editing UI was displayed inappropriatedly on Permission Group screen for BuddyPress Groups
  • Fixed : Pro – PHP Warnings on configuration upload under some conditions

2.2.1 – 3 Jul 2015

  • Fixed : Pro – Extensions could not be updated
  • Fixed : Pro – On WP 4.2, extensions were deactivated following update

2.2 – 2 Jul 2015

  • Fixed : If a specific user has a set of «Only these» exceptions assigned, the Edit Post/Page screen did not correctly handle new exception assignments for that user
  • Fixed : PP key could not be deactivated after expiration
  • Fixed : If PP_USER_RESULTS_DISPLAY_NAME is defined, user_login was still displayed for selected / stored exceptions
  • Fixed : If PP_USER_LASTNAME_SEARCH is defined, partial searches (entering a portion of the last name) did not work
  • Fixed : Database error when the Edit Post/Page screen was used to add a new user-specific exception
  • Fixed : PHP Warning for undefined «action» argument when accessing wp-admin
  • Perf : Don’t load dashboard-specific code on Ajax or direct file access calls (if PP Collaborative Editing is inactive or >= 2.2)
  • Perf : Fixed slow query (exceptions count) on Edit Permission Groups screen

2.1.57 – 22 Apr 2015

  • Fixed : Pro – If Network Groups or BuddyPress Groups had limiting «Only these» exceptions set, those exceptions were not displayed properly in the Edit Page metaboxes and could be lost on page update
  • Fixed : PHP Strict Warning when retrieving exceptions under some configurations

2.1.56 – 21 Apr 2015

  • Fixed : «Add New» button was missing from top of Permissions Groups screen
  • Fixed : Relative URL in wp_http_referer argument may prevent redirect failure on some servers following permission group creation
  • Fixed : Harden security within wp-admin (mirroring WP 4.1.1 changes)
  • Change : Editing exceptions on parent post also allows deletion of attachment if constant PP_EDIT_EXCEPTIONS_ALLOW_DELETION or PP_EDIT_EXCEPTIONS_ALLOW_ATTACHMENT_DELETION is defined
  • Change : Search users by last name if constant PP_USER_LASTNAME_SEARCH is defined
  • Change : Display user search results by display name if constant PP_USER_RESULTS_DISPLAY_NAME is defined
  • Chagne : If a custom WP_Query call passes in a required_operation argument, don’t override it

2.1.55 – 17 Mar 2015

  • Fixed : Permission Groups management screen failed with fatal error / white screen on WP 3.9.x and previous (since 2.1.52)
  • Change : Editing exceptions also allow deletion if constant PP_EDIT_EXCEPTIONS_ALLOW_DELETION is defined
  • Change : Editing exceptions also allow deletion for specified post type if constant PP_EDIT_EXCEPTIONS_ALLOW_PAGE_DELETION, PP_EDIT_EXCEPTIONS_ALLOW_ATTACHMENT_DELETION, etc. is defined

2.1.54 – 21 Feb 2015

  • Fixed : PP tabs in wp-admin broke if a third party plugin added classes to their links
  • Feature : Support filtering of WP Users listing by PP group, by appending pp_group argument to URL
  • Compat : Wiki plugin – white screen on non-Administrator access of wp-admin Wikis screen

2.1.53 – 4 Feb 2015

  • Compat : Visual Composer – invalid display of VC «add element» UI on Edit Term screen

2.1.52 – 3 Feb 2015

  • Compat : The Events Calendar – Ajax refresh of calendar did not display events to subscribers or anonymous viewers
  • Compat : Visual Composer – invalid display of VC metabox on Edit Term screen
  • Change (Pro) : Refresh license key data to more promptly display expiration status
  • Fixed : White screen after cloning permissions from one role group to another
  • Fixed : PHP warning for deprecated function call on Permissions > Groups screen

2.1.51 – 9 Jan 2015

  • Compat : Google Analytics by Yoast – PP filtering was disabled due to GA loading user prior to init action
  • Compat : WP Cron Control – PP filtering was disabled due to WPCC setting constant DOING_CRON universally
  • Compat : Events Manager – PHP Warning on Event Tags, Event Categories screen under some configurations
  • Compat : Kriesi Enfold theme – More Posts query failed
  • Fixed : Incorrect user count for WP role groups on Permissions > Groups screen

2.1.50 – 5 Jan 2015

  • Fixed : Pro: Media Items were not properly filtered in grid view
  • Fixed : Errors on Add Supplemental Role UI if standard WP role definition are deleted
  • Fixed : Pro: Expired license key caused incorrect display of Activation UI
  • Fixed : Fatal Error when calling some PP API functions from front end
  • Fixed : Fatal Error for redeclared class SQLTokenizer on some installations
  • Compat : JSON REST API – filtering of calls does not match typical API usage (now not filtered at all unless PP_FILTER_JSON_REST constant defined)

2.1.49 – 13 Nov 2014

  • Fixed : With «Post-assigned Exceptions take priority» setting active, post-specific enables did not override post-specific blockages
  • Fixed : With Network-wide groups enabled, exceptions stored (with network-wide previously disabled) to regular main site groups were still applied (though not displayed on Edit Group Permissions screen)
  • Fixed : Users with «Only These» editing exceptions for specified pages could delete those pages for editing access to other pages. Trash/deletion is now blocked unless user also has an «Also these» exception for the page.
  • Fixed : PHP warnings for «implode(): Invalid arguments» on various wp-admin screens
  • Fixed : Some non-Apache servers had «Fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string» on Edit User and Edit Permission Groups screens
  • Fixed : Edit User screen did not display Network Groups checkboxes under some configurations
  • Change : Post / term selection UI on Edit Permission Group screen now default to 100 items per page, and can be customized via PP_ITEM_MENU_PER_PAGE constant definition.
  • Compat : To resolve numerous Ajax conflicts, don’t require editing permissions by default. New filter «pp_ajax_edit_actions» replaces «pp_ajax_read_actions».
  • Compat : Ozh Admin Menus: caption PP Settings submenu (in Settings menu) more descriptively
  • API : New filter «pp_ajax_edit_actions» to require editing permissions for specific Ajax actions.
  • Fixed : Edit Permissions UI did not obey PP_ALL_ANON_FULL_EXCEPTIONS constant, limiting assignments to the «{All}» and «{Anon}» groups
  • Fixed : PHP warnings on Permissions > Settings > Install screen when key is not activated

2.1.48 – 29 Sep 2014

  • Fixed : Post-specific restrictions were not applied correctly if PP setting «Post-assigned Exceptions take priority» enabled
  • Fixed : Nuisance notification of «Post-assigned Exceptions take priority» setting on new installations

2.1.47 – 4 Sep 2014

  • Feature : Option to change exceptions handling to make post-specific blockages take priority over term-specific additions
  • Fixed : Media Upload by non-Editors stalled on «crunching» under some configurations
  • Fixed : Edit User Permissions screen labeled group Exceptions box as «Supplemental Roles»
  • Fixed : License key expiration message was displayed incorrectly in some situations

2.1.46 – 24 July 2014

  • Feature : Option to keep non-editable posts visible in wp-admin (only if PP Collaborative Editing pack is NOT active).
  • Compat : Co-Authors Plus – basic compatibility if «hide uneditable posts» setting is disabled
  • Compat : Co-Authors Plus – compatibility with PP Pro extensions
  • Compat : Tribe Events Calendar – read access filtering for ajax-loaded displays
  • Fixed : Network Groups were not updated correctly from Edit User screen (Pro)
  • Fixed : Term Management and Association exceptions were not propagated to new sub-terms
  • Fixed : Edit Terms screen did not properly label «only these» exceptions for term Management or Association, cleared them on term update
  • Fixed : Terms list for Universal Exceptions generated invalid link for term edit
  • Fixed : Custom columns in terms listing for Universal Exceptions did not include term Management or Association exceptions

2.1.45 – 11 June 2014

  • Compat : verified WP 3.9.1 compatibility
  • Feature : New setting on Advanced tab to force Administrators to see all pages, even if blocked from the «All» or «Authenticated» groups.
  • Fixed : Unexpected behavior when a parent category/term has no posts
  • Fixed : When «Only these» exceptions are assigned for categories/terms, ignore them if user lacks corresponding site-wide role/capability
  • Fixed : Prev / Next links were not properly filtered on some installations
  • Compat : Slim Jetpack Infinite Scroll (and new filter «pp_ajax_read_actions» to specify other read-only ajax queries)
  • Compat : WP Document Revisions – read_document capability check was not handled correctly
  • Compat : Work around plugins that create a role with no capabilities array
  • Change : Support constant definition PP_NAV_MENU_SHOW_EMPTY_TERMS
  • Change : Apply PP_NO_COMMENT_FILTERING constant even if user has moderate_comments capability
  • Change : Attempted workaround for intermittent failure to propagate exceptions to subpages
  • Lang : Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Doppos)

2.1.44 – 26 Feb 2014

  • Fixed : With PP Compatibility extension enabled on Multisite and network-wide groups enabled, fatal error when clicking «Add New» link at top of Groups screen
  • Change : Allow «Also These» / «Enabled» exceptions to be assigned to {All} and {Anonymous} groups if constant PP_ALL_ANON_FULL_EXCEPTIONS is defined
  • Fixed : PHP warning when third party plugin causes an object to be passed into presspermitSanitizeKey()

2.1.43 – 4 Feb 2014

  • Fixed : Posts inappropriately hidden from anonymous users on some installations
  • Compat : The Events Calendar Pro – Ajax calendar refresh returned no entries

2.1.42 – 24 Jan 2014

  • Compat : PP Content Teaser – Teaser was not applied for posts listing when universal category exceptions are active
  • Compat : PP Content Teaser – Teaser was not applied for single post display under some configurations

2.1.41 – 23 Jan 2014

  • Fixed : Read access to Media was blocked unexpectedly under some configurations

2.1.40 – 17 Jan 2014

  • Compat : Slidedeck – Slides made by a direct media upload were not displayed correctly
  • Compat : Slidedeck – Iframe and RESS decks conflict with Press Permit; temporary workaround overrides those options
  • Compat : CMS Tree Page View – Pages editable based on exceptions were not displayed if they have an uneditable parent (also requires PP Compatibility Pack 2.1.11)

2.1.39 – 9 Jan 2014

  • Fixed : Editing permissions were not propagated to newly created pages under some configurations on WP 3.8 (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.1.18)
  • Fixed : User search ajax submission with blank search box returned users by creation date with oldest first (should be newest first)
  • Fixed : Work around PHP Bug #52339 – SPL autoloader breaks class_exists()
  • Fixed : PHP Notices on when updating extension plugins with strict error reporting

2.1.38 – 18 Dec 2013

  • Compat : WP 3.8 – styling corrections on Edit Permissions, Settings screens
  • Fixed : Post access blocked per-Role by a Universal Taxonomy Exception could not be enabled per-user or per-group by another Universal Taxonomy Exception
  • Fixed : When a page is re-saved to a different parent, exceptions propagated to subpages from the previous parent were not cleared
  • Fixed : When a page is re-saved to a different parent, exceptions from the new parent were not assigned to subpages
  • Fixed : Pro – Customization of role capabilities for stock WP roles was not reflected in supplemental role assignment (since 2.1.33)
  • Fixed : Pro – Editing exceptions remained partially active even if corresponding pro extensions disabled
  • Feature : Pro – Support list_all_posts, list_all_pages, etc. capabilities (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.1.16)
  • Change : Additional explanatory captions on Edit Permissions screen
  • Change : Link on Edit Permissions screen to reload with propagated exceptions displayed
  • Fixed : PHP Notices for non-static function definitions

2.1.37 – 14 Dec 2013

  • Fixed : Pro – Assignment of Tags and other hierarchical taxonomies was not filtered based on «Only these» or «Not these» exceptions (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.1.15)
  • Fixed : PHP warning when uploading configuration data from a network installation
  • Doc : Corrected code comment for exceptions array in pp-user.php

2.1.36 – 11 Dec 2013

  • Fixed : After saving changes to Universal Category Exceptions, redirect was back to Edit Category (Post Exceptions)
  • Change : Edit Category screen – additional inline note regarding Universal Category Exceptions
  • Fixed : Pro – Nav Menu Management exceptions were not not applied correctly in some configurations (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.1.14)
  • Fixed : Pro – Term Management and Association exceptions assigned via Edit Category screen were not stored correctly (also requires PP Collaborative Editing 2.1.14)
  • Fixed : Pro – Editors excluded from managing specific categories could still edit them via direct URL
  • Fixed : Pro – On Edit Category screen, exceptions metabox for term management was incorrectly captioned as «Post Management»
  • Change : Pro – On Edit Permissions screen, simplify captioning for currently stored term management and association exceptions

2.1.35 – 6 Dec 2013

  • Fixed : When a Page exception was changed from «also subpages» to «selected only», subpage exceptions were retained but became inaccessable on Edit User/Group screen
  • DB : Update to 2.1.35 exposes propagated exceptions whose base exception is deleted or no longer marked for propagation (and logs them to option ppc_exposed_eitem_orphans)
  • Fixed : Page exceptions were propagated to attachments
  • DB : Update to 2.1.35 deletes invalid / redundant attachment exceptions
  • DB : Update to 2.1.35 exposes propagated attachment Edit Attachment exceptions
  • DB : Update to 2.1.35 exposes propagated attachment «Read Attachment – Only These» exceptions

2.1.34 – 2 Dec 2013

  • Fixed : With PP File URL Filter active, attachments to private posts were not visible unless user had editing capabilities (since 2.1.30)

2.1.33 – 15 Nov 2013

  • Fixed : Improper filtering of get_tags() function
  • Change : By default, Post Tag is enabled as a filtered taxonomy. Previously, it was default disabled yet front end tag filtering was implicitly forced.
  • Change : If PP_GROUP_RESTRICTIONS constant is defined, allow the Editing Exceptions metabox on Edit Post screen to block Groups
  • Change : If PP File URL Filter is not active, Reading Exceptions metabox on Edit Media screen displays notice about direct file access
  • Change : Display warning if a supplemental role assignment will use default capabilities due to invalid customization of the role definition
  • Change : Include PP Group Membership in Permissions > Settings > Help > configuration data upload by default
  • Fixed : Database error if external code calls presspermit_get_groups_for_user() with a metagroup_type argument
  • Fixed : Fatal error on Permissions > Settings > Help > configuration data upload if RS/PP import data enabled and PP Import version number was deleted from database

2.1.32 – 8 Nov 2013

  • Fixed : Exceptions could not be assigned on Edit Post screen if post type name contains a dash
  • Change : If PP_GROUP_RESTRICTIONS constant is defined, allow Post editing Exceptions with «Not these» or «Only these» adjustment to be assigned to custom groups
  • Change : Revised extension installation/update code to more closely mirror the core WP process; may resolve some rare installation errors

2.1.31 – 30 Oct 2013

  • Fixed : Terms were not included in get_terms() output based on user’s access to private posts (since 2.1.28)

2.1.30 – 29 Oct 2013

  • Compat : WP 3.7 – Non-administrators could not access revisions viewer for unpublished posts
  • Compat : WP 3.7 – PHP warnings for undefined capability properties
  • Fixed : wp_list_pages() was not filtered if arguments included nonzero child_of and depth=1 arguments

2.1.29 – 25 Oct 2013

  • Fixed : CMS Tree Page View – could not expand page tree (since 2.1.28)

2.1.28 – 24 Oct 2013

  • Fixed : Propagating Category Exceptions were not correctly assigned to subcategories
  • Fixed : Universal Category Exceptions (for all post types) were not applied correctly in some configurations
  • Fixed : Category widget (and other get_terms output) was inconsistent with post reading access in some configurations
  • Compat : JC Submenu and other plugin / theme code which requires get_pages() or get_terms() to order subpages or subcategories immediately after their parent
  • Fixed : Post types not enabled for PP Filtering were stripped out of Nav Menus on the front end

2.1.27 – 23 Oct 2013

  • Fixed : Nav Menu items (front end display) were not filtered

2.1.26 – 22 Oct 2013

  • Change : Allow page reading exceptions to be assigned for the All or Anonymous metagroup, but display a warning regarding best practice

2.1.25 – 22 Oct 2013

  • Feature : Filter WP image galleries based on attachment reading exceptions
  • Feature : Remove unreadable posts from Nav Menus (previously required PP Collaborative Editing extension)
  • Fixed : Permission Groups was inappropriately displayed as an available Post Type when on «Add Exceptions» tab of Edit Permissions screen
  • Compat : Advanced Custom Fields – don’t filter ajax queries
  • API : New filter «pp_exception_type» for use in applying exceptions to externally defined data sources

2.1.24 – 15 Oct 2013

  • Compat : Eyes Only User Access Shortcode (requires v 1.6)
  • Change : Allow post reading exceptions to be assigned for the All or Anonymous metagroup, but display a warning regarding best practice
  • Fixed : Cannot add Permission Group membership via Edit User screen if that membership was previously expired by a PP Membership date limit but PP Membership plugin is now inactive

2.1.23 – 28 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : Category/Term exceptions to grant additional access did not affect term listings if parent term was inaccessible
  • Fixed : Add Exceptions UI on Edit Permissions screen inappropriately included «n/a» as a Post Type under some conditions
  • Fixed : Several PHP Strict Notices, mostly for non-static functions

2.1.22 – 25 Sep 2013

  • Feature : Bulk-assign roles or exceptions to multiple users (link on Permissions > Users screen)
  • Fixed : Terms were not included in get_terms() output based on user’s access to private posts if terms counts are not shown, or if taxonomy is hierarchical and there are no subterms
  • Fixed : IE styling error on Edit Permissions screen
  • Lang : Added .pot file
  • Lang : Updated .po file

2.1.21 – 23 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : Plugins screen indicated update available for Press Permit Core even if current version was installed
  • Fixed : Automatic update for PP Core was not available from Plugins screen (though version update was flagged and could be installed from the plugin info popup or WordPress Updates screen)
  • Fixed : Non-functional «update now» link for PP Core on Permissions > Settings > Install screen (though plugin could be updated through version details popup)

2.1.20 – 20 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : Could not update plugin from Plugins screen without license key activation (although updates were available from Permissions > Settings > Install since 2.1.15)
  • Change : Get PP Core updates from

2.1.19 – 20 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : Exceptions metaboxes on Term Edit screen was not sized correctly
  • Fixed : If exceptions were deleted on Edit Permissions screen, corresponding post/term edit links remained displayed
  • Fixed : Prevent display of roles / exceptions stored for a custom status if associated extension plugins are inactive
  • Compat : All in One Event Calendar – non-Administrators could not navigate or filter calendar
  • API : New filters «pp_ajax_post_types» and «pp_ajax_required_operation» for disambiguation of third party Ajax queries
  • Compat : Shopp and other plugins which call $wp_query->get_queried_object manually caused hierarchical post types to be filtered correctly
  • Compat : bbPress (when PP Collaborative Editing and PP Compatibility extensions activated)
  • Change : On Settings > Install, restore previous layout for extensions lists
  • Lang : updated .po file

2.1.18 – 18 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : PP filtering of taxonomies could not be enabled/disabled on Permissions > Settings > Core, if PP Collaborative Editing extension not activated
  • Feature : Permissions > Settings > Advanced > Anonymous Users > «Disable all filtering for anonymous users»
  • Change : Support PP_ALLOW_UNFILTERED_FRONT constant. When a logged user has pp_unfiltered capability, suppresses the front-end filtering which normally adds readable private posts to get_pages listing, post count, etc.
  • Change : Add error message string related to new PP Pro 3-site package
  • Change : Improved layout of License key and Extensions sections on Permissions > Settings > Install
  • Change : Improved layout of PP Capabilities section on Permissions > Settings > Advanced
  • Change : Added margin between change log entries!

2.1.17 – 17 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : On Edit Post screen, stored exceptions could not be changed from Enabled to Blocked (or vice versa) without first saving to default
  • Change : Better styling for scrollbars in exception metaboxes on Edit Post screen
  • Fixed : Email notification for comments was blocked under some configurations
  • Fixed : User search – prefixing user search entry with a space did not cause results to be listed alphabetically (since 2.1.15)
  • Change : Support constant PP_SUPPRESS_PRIVATE_PAGES to prevent get_pages() from including them
  • Change : Support required_operation argument in query_posts() call
  • Change : Removed debug comments and dead code from admin/plugin-update_pp.php
  • API : «pp_skip_the_terms_filtering» filter, used by PP Content Teaser extension

2.1.16 – 12 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : Edit User/Group Permissions – exceptions with Post Type of «(all)» were not stored correctly
  • Fixed : On Edit User screen, extra «Custom User Permissions» box with invalid link

2.1.15 – 11 Sep 2013

  • Feature : Permissions > Settings > Advanced > Misc > «User Search: Filter by WP role» – adds a role dropdown below user search button
  • Change : Support PP Core updates without license key activation

2.1.14 – 9/9 2013

  • Initial production release
  • Change : Info link on Install tab for screencast links and other PP Pro promotional info if license key inactive or expired
  • Lang : updated .po file