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Publishing Checklist


Publishing Checklist is a developer tool for adding pre-flight editorial checklists to WordPress posts. Each time a user saves a post, Publishing Checklist validates that post type’s list of tasks to make sure the content is ready for release. Tasks are validated with callbacks you supply when registering tasks.


  • Checklist summaries will be displayed within a column on the Manage post screen.

  • Checklists will also be displayed within the Publish metabox on the Edit screen.


It’s a plugin! Install it like any other.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to register the checklist items and callbacks for your site. Here’s a simple example that checks for a featured image.


add_action( «publishing_checklist_init», function() {
$args = array(
«label» => esc_html__( «Featured Image», «demo_publishing_checklist» ),
«callback» => function ( $post_id ) {
return has_post_thumbnail( $post_id );
«explanation» => esc_html__( «A featured image is required.», «demo_publishing_checklist» ),
«post_type» => array( «post» ),
Publishing_Checklist()->register_task( «demo-featured-image», $args );

Vanlege spm.

Where will the checklist appear?

On Manage and Edit post screens.

Does the plugin come with any default checklists?

Not yet.


3. september 2016 1 reply
The idea is great and probably the best implementation in the editor I have seen. However, it does not do the job. Creators, please keep supporting this plugin 🙂
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