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Responsive CSS EDITOR


This plugin simplifies the process of adding responsive css and creating breakpoints. It reduces code redundancy of declaring breakpoints. Also, it provides field to add css regardless of resposiveness under the custom css metabox. After installation, five breakpoints are created by default. You can delete those breakpoints or add new breakpoints and also order them as desired.

Plugin Documentation:


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  1. There are two ways to install the plugin:
    a) Use the «automatic install from the WordPress plugin directory» option in the
    WordPress admin panel. Search for «Responsive CSS Editor»
    b) Download the zip-file, and use the «upload» option in the WordPress > admin panel > plugins > new plugin > upload plugin

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Modify the plugin settings in Responsive CSS Settings after installation.

Vanlege spm.

Can I add custom css regardless of breakpoints?

Yes, you can add custom css without any breakpoints.

Can I add multiple breakpoints?

Yes, you can add multiple breakpoints.


26. mars 2018
Very good plugin and working on different mobile devices. Easy to use. But can not use [ and ] on the CSS. When I use input[type="text" i]{background:red;} it is automatically change to input[type=\"text\" i]{background:red;} and not working. Thank you.
3. september 2016
Saved me some time for sure. Thank you.
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