Dette programtillegget vart stengt ned 1. mars 2024, og kan ikkje lastast ned. Programtillegget er stengt ned mellombels inntil me får sett på det.



18. september 2023 1 reply
Works, except string literals, like message = We can make change for ${totalString} with ${nickelsString} nickels and ${penniesString} pennies!; document.querySelector('#status').innerHTML = message; , display with missing whitespace. Instead of just adding my js code to the page, this plugin breaks it into some weird eval function that doesn't work with whitespace: eval(function(p, a, c, k, e, d) {
8. august 2023 2 replies
Indeed the latest version of the plugin has new useful features but I revert back to the older version. The new update ruined 26 web apps I had live in community along with custom pages for premium community members. Kind of ruined 2 years of hard work so who's going to fix that?! Reverted back to older version yet some of the custom pages didn't got fixed. :/ It supposed to simplify things not making it harder to recode.
24. mai 2023 1 reply
Thank you dear, you're doing a good job.Good luck and prosperity!
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