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Simple Nested Menu


The Simple Nested Menu is a fast and lightweight plugin that displays menu items in a nested sliding style. It works with shortcode and you can use
[simple_nested_menu] shortcode for displaying menus in your posts.The Simple Nested Menu is a fast and lightweight plugin with some special attributes
for styling and fetching menus items. You can use the name or id attribute of a menu for fetching its items.

To use this plugin, after activation of the plugin, you have to place [simple_nested_menu] shortcode in your posts and set the name or id attribute of the menu.

Attributes of this plugin:

1) name: Title of a menu

2) id: Menu ID

3) classname: If you want to use this shortcode multiple times, it is better to set this attribute to something like class1 or class2 or any other thing.

4) bgcolor: Background color for menu

5) font: Font color for menu items

6) bghover: Background color on mouse hover

7) fonthover: Font color on mouse hover

8) border: CSS code for items border (e.g: solid 1px #FFF)

How to use this plugin:

After activation of the plugin:

Step1) Go to menu management section (in admin panel) and create your menu. Remember the name of menu.

Step2) Place [simple_nested_menu] shortcode in a post or any other proper place. Set the name or ID attribute. (e.g:[simple_nested_menu name=»test menu»] )

That’s it!


  • Shortcodes in the post content
  • Items in the first level
  • Items in the second level
  • Items in the third level
  • Items in the fourth level


Upload the Simple Nested Menu plugin to your blog, Activate it.Then place [simple_nested_menu] shortcode in your posts to load it.


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